DEF grants over $130,000 to schools

Photo courtesy Dearborn Education Foundation
Nowlin Elementary students show-off their new media lab.

2012-13 marks highest giving year ever for 23 year old foundation.

DEARBORN — During the 2012-13 school year, the Dearborn Education Foundation contributed more than $130,000 to Dearborn Public Schools. This giving level is up approximately 30% from 2011-12 and is the largest annual amount ever contributed by the foundation.

Over the last four years, the Dearborn Education Foundation has focused on capacity building in order to increase its giving potential. In large part, these efforts have been successful because of the foundation’s executive director, Eddie N. Fakhoury, whose passion has lead the foundation on the path of growth, “I do not take sole credit for the success that we have been experiencing…I compare myself to a coach who is surrounded by all the right players: We have a wonderful board of directors and superb leadership in our chairman, Brian Mosallam.”

The foundation was created in 1992, but it was only in 2009 that the board of directors named Fakhoury as the first executive director. One of his first priorities was to showcase the foundation’s work, to make it synonymous with classroom investment. Project Prize Patrol was one of the results. Now in its third year, the Prize Patrol is one of the best examples of how the foundation meets teacher needs and district priorities.

Every year, the foundation works with the school district to determine its primary funding need which then guides the foundation’s funding decisions. For 2012-13, that primary need was connecting students with digital content. In June, the final round of awards went to seven schools: Cotter Early Childhood ($4,368), Haigh ($1,650), Howard ($529), Maples ($3,600), Nowlin ($15,000), and Snow ($1,400) Elementary Schools, and Dearborn High School ($1,122.26). In total, $27,669.26 was awarded to cover items ranging from digital projectors to internet wiring to iPad covers, to, at Nowlin, the installation of a full media lab.

The foundation’s success is a community effort reports Chairman Brian, “The board of directors is humbled by the support our community continues to provide, and we hope that we can come close to, if not exceed last years total in 2013-14.” The foundation is always recruiting new partners to volunteer, donate, and advocate. To learn more, please call 313-827-8790 or send an email to or visit