1. GEOGRAPHY: Where are the Maldive islands located?
2. COMICS: What is Superman’s dog named?
3. TELEVISION: When did MTV go on the air?
4. MOVIES: What movie features a character named Popeye Doyle?
5. ENTERTAINERS: Which comedian came up with the character called “the hippy dippy weatherman.”
6. SCIENCE: What is the softest known mineral in the world?
7. ADVERTISING: What company used Elsie the Cow to promote its products?
8. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which president pledged a “New Deal” for the United States?
9. LITERATURE: Who wrote the novel “Dr. Zhivago”?
10. ANATOMY: What is a sarcoma?

1. Indian Ocean
2. Krypto
3. Aug. 1, 1981
4. “The French Connection”
5. George Carlin
6. Talc
7. Borden
8. Franklin Roosevelt
9. Boris Pasternak
10. A malignant tumor in connective tissue, bone or muscle

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