Bomb squad called to Ford Field

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — A suspicious briefcase found near a trash receptacle in Ford Field Park led to an investigation by the Police Department’s bomb squad Aug. 23.

The case was determined to not contain any explosives.

A park manager found the black suitcase in the upper level of the park, near Cherry Hill. He was unable to determine its owner, so he informed the DPD.

A police officer arrived and inspected the suitcase, which appeared to be new. He observed a Delta Airlines tag on the handle but could only make out the word “Brazil” as the address because the writing was scribbled. He then informed the bomb squad, which sent officers with the bomb truck to investigate.

Upon arriving, three officers from the squad established a safety perimeter. One of the officers donned a protective bomb suit and checked the suitcase, determining that it did not contain explosives.

The squad took the suitcase to the police station for safe keeping.

No information about who left the suitcase was available.

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