1. GEOGRAPHY: Where is Ascension Island located?
2. MOVIES: What film featured a character called The Dude?
3. ANATOMY: What divides the outer ear from the middle ear in humans?
4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What does an arctophile collect?
5. TELEVISION: What were the boys’ names on “Home Improvement”?
6. ANIMAL KINGDOM: How many teeth does a dog have?
7. HISTORY: What English statesman wrote the 19th-century novel “Vivian Gray”?
8. GAMES: What is the board-game version of the outdoor game known as “Capture the Flag”?
9. SCIENCE: Where would you most likely find a Bunsen burner?
10. LANGUAGE: What does the word “hieroglyphic” mean in the original Greek?

1. South Atlantic Ocean
2. “The Big Lebowski”
3. The eardrum
4. Teddy bears
5. Mark, Randy and Brad Taylor
6. 42
7. Benjamin Disraeli
8. Stratego
9. Laboratory
10. Sacred carving

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