Police Blotter

Allen Park
Money stolen while resident on trip

A man returned home from a week-long trip to find someone gained access to the contents of his bedroom and reported the the incident about 4 p.m. Aug. 9. He said he left a spare key to house, in the 15800 block of Hanover, outside the residence and many people knew its location.

The man told police collectible coins, passed down by family, and regular currency were taken from the bedroom. He estimated the value at $1,000. Police said there were no witnesses or suspects in the theft and the man changed the locks.

Purse taken from unlocked vehicle
Police responded to the 15600 block of Pleasant Avenue after receiving a theft complaint at 4:21 p.m. Aug. 9. The caller told police she left her purse in her vehicle after returning from the store and went back out to find it was missing.

The vehicle was parked in the woman’s driveway, police said, and it was left unlocked while she was inside the house. She said the purse contained keys to the house and the vehicle, about $400 in cash, and two credit cards.

There were no suspects or witnesses reported and police told the woman to cancel the credit cards.

Man steals lawnmower belts
A man attempted to steal five lawnmower belts from Home Depot, 3163 Fairlane Drive, about 3:40 p.m. Aug. 8.

Police said Home Depot loss prevention officers watched the man conceal the belts along the bottom of his cart by placing other items on top of them. Police said the man paid for the other items in the cart, but not the lawnmower belts, valued at $129.65.

Loss prevention officers confronted the man once he left the store and contacted police about the incident. Police arrested the man for theft and he was not released on bond.

Vehicle stolen from residence

A burgundy 2003 Chevy Tahoe was reported stolen from in front of a house in the 200 block of Robindale about 10:15 a.m. Aug. 17.

The victim told police that the vehicle had been parked on the street in front of the house at 10 p.m. the night before. When he exited the house at 9:30 a.m. he discovered the theft.

The owner told police that the vehicle had been locked and presented both sets of ignition keys. He added that he did not hear or see anything suspicious during the night.

Police checked the area in front of the house but found no sign of broken glass or any other evidence.

Home invasion reported
Tools and construction supplies were reported stolen from a house in the 7000 block of Freda just before noon Aug. 15.

The homeowner told police that he had been doing construction on the house and left his tools and supplies there. When he arrived that morning, he found the rear kitchen window open and a large city garbage can next to it. He believed that the window was forced open from the outside since the doors were locked.

Items reported as stolen were an air compressor, miter saw, laser level, framing nail gun, two faucets, a sink fixture, three light fixtures and three five-gallon buckets of paint. The victim estimated the worth of the tools and supplies to be $1,200.

The victim also stated that while waiting for police to arrive he was approached by an unknown woman who said that she had spent the night at a nearby apartment. She said that around 2 a.m. she observed a black pickup truck parked outside of the house, but she had left before officers arrived.

No other suspect information was available.

Dearborn Heights
Garage broken into

Police were dispatched to investigate the illegal entering of a garage in the 25400 block of Annapolis at 4:30 p.m. Aug.16. It is believed that the break-in occurred some time during the previous week.

The victim told police that a neighbor who has property behind her approached and said that during the previous week he observed her dog chasing a person from her garage. He added that the person left behind items as he fled, including a blue 10-inch drill press and gray 6-inch bench grinder. The neighbor told her that he secured the items back in the garage for her.

The victim then checked the garage and found the items before calling the police. She was unsure why the neighbor did not tell her immediately after the incident took place.

She also told police that she believes the suspect entered the garage through an unlocked side door on the structure.

Nothing of evidentiary value was found at the scene.

Copper stolen from vacant dwelling
Police responded to a complaint of an open door on a vacant house in the 27300 block of Midway at 11 a.m. Aug. 18.

The caller, a neighbor, told police that the front door to the house was open, as was a back window. He added that he had seen what looked like the former homeowner’s son in the house that morning from around 8 or 9 a.m. until 10 a.m.

Police checked the house and confirmed that the door and window were open. They also discovered damage to wires and the ceiling throughout the house that led them to conclude that whomever entered the house had taken out the copper pipes and wiring.

Police locked the door and secured the house when exiting.

Nothing of evidentiary value was found in the house.

Lincoln Park
Suspected thief found behind store

Police responded early Sunday morning to calls from employees of Meijer, 3710 Dix, who described a 60-year-old man who was seen stuffing two bottles of El Toro Tequila down his pants and leaving the store without paying.

About 2:20 a.m. police were told that the man had been seen in the liquor aisle, and one store worker saw the suspect on the floor, and that “he fell down due to being intoxicated.”

The man had run out of the store, and responding officers found him sitting next to a trash bin behind a nearby drug store. The officer said he saw the tequila on he ground in front of the man.

The suspect was taken to the police station and cited for retail fraud.

House egged while resident out of home

A complaint was called into police after a man returned home about 6:30 p.m. Monday to find his house and sidewalk egged. The man said he had previous encounters with children who lived on Clark Street, and said they may have something to do with the incident.

Police investigated the suspected children’s residence and made contact with their stepfather. The stepfather said the two children were not home during the incident and he told police the man, who made the report, has been harassing the family for unknown reasons. Police ruled out the children as suspects and there were no witnesses to the incident.

Police closed the case, but advised the victim to contact them if he sees anyone attempt to egg his house again.

Jewelry stolen from apartment
A woman went into the police station about 6 p.m. Aug. 16 and reported her jewelry had been stolen from her apartment at American House in the 20300 block of Fort Street. She told police she was taken to the hospital Aug. 8 and returned home Aug. 11, but she believed American House staff knew she was not in the apartment because of the amount of staff present when she was taken to the hospital.

She didn’t notice anything unusual until the night before she made the complaint, she said, when she found that most of her jewelry — valued at $12,250 — was missing. She listed a wedding band set ($5,000), a diamond and ruby ring ($3,000), a diamond and sapphire ring ($3,500), two necklaces ($300 total) and three pairs of gold hoop earrings ($450 total) were taken from the apartment.

The woman believes one of the staff members may have taken the jewelry from her apartment because they have master keys to the building. She told police she was advised by American House not to contact the police because they hired a private investigator to handle her case. The investigator was handling other cases, she said, and she was told he would contact her.

Police said the woman received no contact information for the investigator and he had not contacted her at the time of her report.

Cycle stolen from apartment lot

Police responded to a call early Aug. 16 from a motorcycle owner who reported the theft of a 2006 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy valued at $20,000.

The man told police he parked the motorcycle near his apartment in the 15000 block of Goddard about 10 p.m. Aug. 15, and discovered it missing at 8:30 a.m. the next morning. He admitted to having left the ignition unlocked, although he had both sets of keys.

A description of the vehicle, which had been fully paid
for, was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network.

Cars tagged by spray-paint vandals
Two different vehicles were reportedly victimized by spray paint sometime between 10 p.m. Monday and early Tuesday morning.

Police responded to separate calls from an apartment complex in the 13000 block of Cambridge, where the owner of a Mustang showed officers the smeared paint. Police advised residents of the complex to be on the lookout for possible vandalism and report any suspicious activity.

Home looted while couple away

A man and woman returned to their home in the 7600 block of Merrick Avenue Aug. 12 after a long weekend away and found that more than $2,000 worth of electronics had been stolen.

Police responded shortly before 2 p.m., and took note of a broken rear bedroom window that was the likely entry point. The couple reported the theft of two TVs, Wii and xBox video game systems and computer components along with personal papers of the residents.

A detailed list of stolen items to include serial numbers was provided to investigators.

Handgun taken from apartment
A man told police that a 9 millimeter Walther handgun and ammunition were stolen from his apartment in the 13000 block of Princeton Avenue sometime earlier this month.

Police responded to the call shortly after midnight Aug. 16. The man said he had just returned to the apartment after spending two days at his girlfriends, and when he went to clean the weapon discovered it was missing from a security box in the bedroom. Also missing was a loaded 10-round magazine. The lock on the security box was not functional, the man said.

Police made note of the apartment door and partly damaged jam, but did not locate any pry marks or other evidence.

A description of the weapon was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network.

Man threatens onlookers with bat

An argument almost got violent between several people at Gold Star Bar, 898 Vinewood St., when a man returned with a baseball bat and began to cause a disturbance around 10 p.m. Aug. 16.

Witnesses said their friends got into an argument with the man. He left the bar, then returned with a baseball bat. He began hitting the bat against some fencing and poles around the property, the witnesses told police, and began challenging the group of people to fight him.

Police said some of the witnesses disarmed the attacker and hid the bat to prevent injury. One witness was grabbed by the throat, but told police he did not want to pursue charges. The attacker was arrested for the aggressive behavior and threats made with the bat.

Man knocking on doors arrested for warrants
A woman was woken by the sound of someone knocking at the front and side doors of her house in the 1800 block of 12th Street about midnight Aug. 16. The woman looked out the window and identified the man as her boyfriend’s son. She called police when she saw him enter the garage.

Police said they found the man sitting in the driver’s seat of non-working vehicle. The man identified himself and told police he was homeless and was knocking on doors in the neighborhood looking for his father.

The man was arrested and his information was run through the Law Enforcement Information Network. The check showed the man had three warrants out of Southgate, Huron Township and Monroe. Police arrested him for disturbing the peace along with the other warrants.

(Compiled by Gabriel Goodwin, James Mitchell and Bob Oliver.)