1. ENTERTAINERS: What are the first names of the comedian duo Abbott and Costello?
2. GEOGRAPHY: Which Caribbean island’s capital city of Plymouth was destroyed by an active volcano in 1995?
3. ART: What is cloisonne?
4. LANGUAGE: What is unusual about the word “facetiously”?
5. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is an ungulate?
6. TOYS: What was the name of Barbie fashion doll’s best friend?
7. ENTERTAINMENT: What are PATSY awards?
8. ADVERTISEMENTS: What company’s logo is “Because you’re worth it”?
9. HISTORY: What was Annie Oakley’s nickname?
10. SCIENCE: What is the name for the process when a liquid becomes a gas?

1. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello
2. Montserrat
3. Enamel decoration of metal objects
4. It contains all six vowels, including “y,” in alphabetical order.
5. A mammal with hooves
6. Midge
7. Best animal performances in film and TV
8. L’Oreal
9. Little Sure Shot
10. Vaporization

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