Trio looks to get quick cash from ATM


Photos courtesy of the Melvindale Police Department
Video surveillance captured the three men police believe are responsible for the attempted robbery of a drive-through Comerica Bank ATM, 18225 Allen Road, Aug. 11. The men allegedly pulled up to the ATM, got out of their car, and tried to get break the machine open with a claw hammer to access the money inside. The ATM did not dispense any cash during the attempted robbery and police are still looking for the suspects.

Sunday Times Newspapers

MELVINDALE — An unusual and unsuccessful bank robbery occurred when three men tried to break open an ATM with a hammer.

Video surveillance showed three black men at the Comerica drive-through ATM, 18225 Allen Road, at 12:37 a.m. Aug. 11. One man is seen trying break the ATM with a claw hammer.

The bank’s computer system showed it went offline about an hour later, but police weren’t contacted until employees arrived to make necessary repairs to the machine. An employee said he observed the damage to the screen, keypad, card reader and front panels about 9 a.m.

Police said there was no damage around the lock or the video surveillance system. The security company servicing the machine said video surveillance captured the three men and forwarded the pictures to police. Police said the ATM did not dispense any money during the attempted break-in.

One of the men was described as wearing a blue shirt with a horseshoe, another was wearing a “My game is sick” shirt, and the third was wearing a white Hollister shirt.

Police said the men left in a grey or silver hatchback with a sunroof that they believe is Hyundai or Honda.

The ATM is still out of order and representatives for Comerica did not comment on the incident because of the pending investigation.

There were no witnesses to the attempted theft. Anyone with any information about the suspects are advised to contact the Melvindale Police Department at 313-429-1070.

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