Police Blotter

Allen Park
Narcotics found in vehicle

Residents flagged down a patrolling officer and notified him of a vehicle traveling west on Ecorse Road from Roosevelt they believed to be under the influence of a substance about 8:15 p.m. Aug. 2.

Police observed the vehicle pull into the parking lot behind a law office at the corner of Ecorse and Roosevelt and they approached the vehicle to make contact with its driver.

The driver told police he was lost and was looking for Helen Street. Police suspected the man was under the influence of a narcotic substance because he had trouble getting out of the vehicle and asked to search the vehicle.

He said he had nothing illegal in the vehicle and allowed them to search the vehicle. Police said they found a plastic bag with about six vicodin in the center console and cited him for possession of the prescription pills.

Marijuana found on driver
A defective headlight led police to initiate a traffic stop on the Southfield Freeway near I-94 at 7:48 p.m. Aug. 6. During the traffic stop, the driver could not provide a license and was arrested.

Police found a plastic bag with what they believed to be marijuana in his front pocket and used a K-9 unit to locate more of the unknown substance inside the center console of the vehicle.

Police tested the substance, which came back positive for marijuana, and was weighed at 11 grams.

A background check through the Law Enforcement Information Network said the driver never had a license and had three suspensions on his driving record. He was released and cited for no insurance
or driver’s license, and the posses possession.

Dearborn Heights
House broken into

Police were dispatched to investigate a reported break-in at a house in the 8400 block of Grayfield just after 7 p.m. Aug. 9.

They met with the homeowner who told them that the house is vacant. He added that he last checked on the house Aug. 7.

The man was informed of the break-in by a neighbor who called him that afternoon to report that they had driven past the house and saw that the front door had been kicked in.

In addition to the damage to the door frame, police saw that a small section of copper plumbing had been taken from the basement, causing a partial flood in that area.

No suspect information was available.

Wheels stolen
from vehicle

The theft of two wheels off of a vehicle was discovered at 7:30 a.m. Aug. 7 in the 26000 block of Ann Arbor Trail.

The victim told police she had walked outside of her house that morning and discovered the vehicle sitting on landscaping blocks. She also observed that the two wheels from the drivers side were missing but that the two from the passenger side remained but appeared to have been loosened.

She told police that she believes the thief may have been scared away during the robbery.

The woman said she didn’t hear or see anything suspicious during the night.

No suspect information was available.

Would-be intruder wakes occupant

A woman was awoken by a sound in her kitchen and discovered someone trying to enter the house through a window in the 22000 block of West Outer Drive about 1:30 a.m. Aug. 10.

The woman told police that when she walked toward the kitchen she saw the shadow of someone in the room. She entered the kitchen and saw someone partially inside the room attempting to climb in through the window. She screamed and the person backed out and fled in an unknown direction.

She also said that she could not give an accurate description of the would-be intruder because she was not wearing her glasses and the kitchen and yard were too dark.

Police found that the screen to the window had been removed and that two blue latex gloves had been left behind, one under the window and one in the driveway.

A K-9 search of the property turned up negative results.

The woman said she did not know of anyone who would attempt to break into her house, but added that earlier in the week two white men had come to the house claiming to work for a company that installed gutter guards. Neither of them wore a uniform or badge and before they left one of them took a photograph of the front door.

Vehicle stolen
from gas station

A driver who left his vehicle unlocked and running outside of Citgo Gas Station, 14551 W. Warren Ave., discovered it stolen just after 8:30 a.m. Aug. 10.

The man told police he had parked his red 2002 Jeep Cherokee in front of the station and gone inside to make his purchases. Upon exiting the station he discovered the theft.

Police were able to obtain surveillance footage at the scene from employees and observed that a light-skinned black male or Arab male in his 20s or 30s with a medium build walked southwest through the station parking lot from Warren. He is seen walking up to the vehicle, entering it and then driving through the lot and east on Warren.

The thief was wearing a gray baseball hat, cream-colored button-up shirt, black under shirt and pants and white shoes.

Vehicle information stolen

A man called police after he entered his vehicle and found the glove box open at 6:27 p.m. Aug. 13. He told police he parked the vehicle in the driveway of his house in the 2300 block of Bloomfield Avenue
about 1 a.m., and the vehicle was unlocked. The thief took the vehicle’s registration, title and insurance from the vehicle along with the vehicle’s manual and two packs of candy.

Electronics taken from apartment
Police walked a woman through her apartment in the 23900 block of Outer Drive at 11:53 p.m. Aug. 11 after she found it ransacked. The woman told police she unlocked the front door, but did not enter the apartment. Police said the thieves entered through the front window,
which was unsecured, and was believed to be opened from the outside.

The woman said three flat-screen TVs, a computer, a video game console and two controllers, a purse with personal
identity information, credit cards, and $50 were taken from the apartment. Police were able to get five fingerprints from the inside and outside of the window frame. There were no witnesses or suspects listed in the report.

Lincoln Park
Man ‘in fear for his life’ after attempted robbery

Police are looking for three young men who reportedly attempted to rob a man at gunpoint. Officers responded to a call at 2:30 a.m. Aug. 10 from a man who said he had been held up while walking on Howard Street.

According to police reports, the man said he was approached by three men in their late teens or early 20s — two white, one possibly Hispanic — who rode up to him on bicycles. The three dismounted and demanded the victim’s money; one of the men took a small handgun from his waist band and pointed it at the man’s face, again demanding money. The man said he told the three he had no money; two of the men searched him. The man with the weapon told the victim to get on his knees, which he refused to do, and the gunman told the victim to leave. The victim ran west on Moran, and told police
he had been “in fear for his life.”

Police took note of the suspect descriptions
and are investigating.

Suspect sought
in home invasion

A man seen walking past a home that was burglarized may have left behind some items he intended to take, along with other evidence.

Police were called to a home in the 1400 block of Richmond about 2:20 p.m. Aug. 11 by a woman who discovered that her rear sliding glass door had been broken, and a jewelry box and assorted jewelry were missing. The intruder also had defecated in the woman’s flower bed near the sliding door.

A neighbor told police that someone also had attempted to steal four solar lights, but had left them behind. The neighbor described for police a white man in his 30s he had seen walking past the house during the hours when the woman was away from home.

$5,500 in jewelry stolen

A resident in the 17900 block of Brentwood called police about 7:15 p.m. Aug. 9 after he returned home to find his home broken into. He told police he noticed upstairs drawers opened and his wife’s jewelry missing.

Police said the upstairs was the only area the thieves went through because the first floor and basement were untouched.

All of the windows and doors were secure, the man said, so the only way into the house was through a dog door in the garage.

The items taken were two gold rings and a gold necklace valued at $5,500 total.

There were no suspects or witnesses in the incident.

Tools taken during weekend garage theft

A man in the 14000 block of Kennebec told police Aug. 12 that during the weekend an estimated $1,700 worth of tools and power equipment had been stolen from his garage.

The man told police he had worked most of the weekend and hadn’t noticed until late Monday that the rolling garage
door was partly open. The sliding door can only be opened from inside, he said, and admitted that a side entry door had been left unlocked.

A variety of power tools, lawn equipment and a filled tool box were listed as stolen. Police took descriptions of the missing items and searched for evidence.

Thief takes electronics, leaves evidence

A couple on vacation returned to discover the theft of more than $2,000 worth of televisions and video game equipment.

Police were called to a house in the 5800 block of Buck Avenue early Aug. 5, and were told that the house and valuables had been secure as of two days earlier. Police took note of a rear window that had been pried open, and located a pry bar that had likely been used to gain entry.

The homeowner reported the theft of a $500 Toshiba TV, xBox and video game system and accessories valued at $1,100, and assorted electronics and software.

Police collected evidence, including boot prints and descriptions of the missing items, and are investigating.

Open window invites theft
A man who left his house in the 6600 block of Pelham for about an hour returned to discover the theft of a 65-inch TV.

Police responded to the call at 7:20 p.m. Aug. 8, and were told that the homeowner had left and secured his home, but admitted that a kitchen window had been left partly open. Police found an overturned paint bucket beneath the window in the rear of the house.

Police took note of a description of the television, of unreported value, and are investigating.

Safe still safe after break-in

While a homeowner in the 4600 block of Pare Lane was on vacation, one or more would-be burglars attempted but failed to steal the contents of a small floor safe.

Police responded to a call Aug. 7 from the victim’s father, who was house-sitting while his son was out of state.

The man told police he’d last seen the house secure about 9 p.m. Aug. 6, and when he returned Aug. 7 he discovered the front door unlocked. Responding officers noted that a basement window
had been forced open.

A safe that had been in a bedroom closet had been removed and placed in the middle of the room. The safe was still locked, according to police reports, and no evidence of pry marks or attempts to break in were visible.

Nothing else in the house appeared disturbed and no other valuables were reported missing.

Police collected evidence and are investigating.

Landlord assaults renter

Police responded to an assault and battery complaint about 5:30 p.m. Aug. 11 in the 3800 block of 15th Street after a landlord started a fight with his renter.

The renter said he was talking with his neighbors when the landlord began making threatening phone calls ordering him to move out of the house. He said the two argued, but things escalated when the landlord showed up at the residence.

The renter said he began to move away from the neighbor’s house, but was stopped when the landlord began to punch and shove him.

Witnesses said the landlord entered the house and attempted
to rip a TV off the wall. Witnesses also said they could hear arguing inside the house. The two were later seen exiting
the house, where they began fighting in the front yard, but the landlord left before the police were called.

Witnesses confirmed the renter’s complaint with police and were able to give police a license plate number for the landlord’s vehicle.

Police said the information was communicated through the Downriver Consolidated Dispatch, and Southgate police investigated the landlord’s address there. He was at the address in Southgate where he was arrested for the assault.

(Compiled by Gabriel Goodwin, James Mitchell and Bob Oliver.)