Wyandotte marina is part of the Downriver water scene

Photo by Daniel Gretzner
Joe Beaubien (second from left) and his sons, Luke (left) and Cole, take a break from boating at the Libra Marina’s new tiki bar.

With the fleeting days of summer passing us by, many local boaters and outdoor recreation types are squeezing in the final days of seasonal fun.

Being on the water can reduce stress for a number of reasons and put one in touch with the beauty of nature and one of man’s most cherished resources.

Within the greater Downriver/Dearborn vicinity, there is no lack of water, marinas and boating vessels of all kinds.

Wyandotte’s north side is home to a few of those marinas. Libra Marina is part of that scene and the owner, Mike Beaubien calls it “Wyandotte’s best kept secret.

“The water levels are high again this year and the boating, fishing business is up as well,” Beaubien said. “That’s a good thing for us and the industry as a whole.”

The Downriver marina office is at the corner of Biddle and St. Johns streets. Libra’s harbor is on Clifford, directly behind the office area.

Beaubien heads up a family-owned and run business. He was born and raised in Wyandotte and is a 1978 Roosevelt High School graduate. The marina has both open and covered boat wells that appeal to recreation boaters and anglers who like to fish the Detroit River and Lake Erie waters.

“For the past 14-years, we have served the boating public and we will continue to do so,” Beaubien said.

Marinas have their place and fit into the Downriver boating season quite nicely. It adds value to the local waterway scene.