Grenade found at, removed from Salvation Army

Sunday Times Newspapers

LINCOLN PARK — City investigators and Michigan State Police explosives specialists responded quickly Tuesday to reports that a hand grenade had been left in a Salvation Army donation box.

Shortly after 9 a.m. police answered a call from Salvation Army management reporting that a hand grenade had been discovered that morning in the organization’s donation box. The grenade had been placed in the manager’s office and awaited arrival by police.

According to police reports, “The grenade appeared to be real and was not touched.” The building was cleared while Lincoln Park police awaited specialists from the Michigan State Police, which determined that the device was legitimate but had been deactivated.

Lincoln Park Lt. Mohamed Nasser said calling the state police was protocol when a situation calls for, “an abundance of caution.” Police often are contacted when people discover or wish to dispose of old weapons or explosives of unknown safety.

The thrift store was reopened without incident, and the grenade taken by state police for disposal.

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