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Tahir AlaragyTahir Hassan Alaragy

Hello, my name is Tahir Hassan Al Aragy and I am running for mayor of the city of Dearborn. I am 44 and am married with four children (Adam, Mosa, Fatimah and Sarah). I have lived in Dearborn since 1997 and I enjoying reading and sports.

I received my education at American University and Moseley College, in Economics.

My occupation is that I’m an economic researcher, author and investment consultant. I have worked as a contractor with The World Bank and the U.S. Department of State and I am author of the book, “The Road Map to Wealth & Prosperity.” I also hold an elected office with the International Center for Investors and do volunteer work with the Refugee Resettlement Group.

As mayor, I will reinvent Dearborn. I will conglomerate it, skyline it and globalize it. I will prevent possible budget deficits, struggles, inflation, stagflation, possible tax raises, selling city assets and investments, misdirecting city budget which is causing financial hardships to the  city, city reliance on grants to purchase new buildings, potholes and patched asphalted roads. I will also prevent major employers from closing down or moving.

I will be very aggressive on mortgage fraud cases, foreclosure cases and financial schemes that cause financial hardships to the city and reopen investigations for them. Dearborn needs an administration change to be able to revive its economy and prevent bankruptcy. We cannot wait until our city is bankrupt and Governor Snyder comes to us with (Kevin) Orr.

I will upscale Dearborn by bringing back major hotels in addition to major employers that run away because of defects of city’s current administration.

I will use my best intellect and highest level of integrity to revive Dearborn economy to prove my eligibility for re-election. I will improve and develop our dear city and build a complex of replicas of historical landmarks such as Solomon’s Temple, Egyptian pyramids, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and other Seven Wonders of the World to merge with historical Greenfield Village to attract millions of tourists to Dearborn.

I will build a world class business center of high rise first class towers, giant international convention center, world class mall and cinema theaters to attract millions of shoppers to Dearborn and boost businesses.

I will enhance city investments that can pay for residents real estate taxes primary and keep water and sewage bills low and I will let the city form its cooperative insurance organization to provide residents with low and affordable insurance premiums.

I am an economics educated professional and have managed a lot of international financial transactions, therefore I am very capable to manage the city of Dearborn and revive its struggling economy, in addition to my natural understanding of Mideastern language, culture, thinking, behavior and traditions which enable me to be more effective manager of the city.

Like President Ronald Reagan once said, “Man is not free unless the government is limited.”

Finally, I respectfully ask my fellow residents of Dearborn to vote for me.

JohnOReillyJohn O’Reilly Jr.

I have served in a number of government positions since graduating from law school. First as staff counsel in the Michigan State Senate. Following that I served as staff counsel in the U.S. House of Representatives for the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Following that I served as deputy director of the Downriver Community Conference for 10 years and then as CEO of the Southeast Michigan Community Alliance for 11 years until becoming mayor of Dearborn. In addition, I served as president of the Dearborn City Council from 1990 until 2007 when I was elected mayor. I obtained an associate’s degree from Oakland University, a bachelor’s degree from the University of Detroit and a law degree from the University of Detroit School of Law. I have been a member of the Michigan Bar Association since 1980.
I have been married for 37 years to Christina and we have three children who all graduated from Dearborn Public Schools and then achieved bachelor’s degrees.
My goal is to continue the task of positioning Dearborn to be a vital successful community well into the future. We have a history of providing the best services for our residents will maintaining a responsible budget. To continue that success we must find ways to reduce unnecessary costs and and make sure that everyone is paying their far share of the tax burden. I am seeking to attract new home buyers, particularly young families by insuring that their impression of our town is positive. This starts by insuring everyone’s safety which is why I will not
compromise our police and fire services. We have continued our high staffing levels without any layoffs while reducing serious crime by working with our citizens to get them tell us what they observe in their neighborhoods and responding to that information. We offer a service to give you text and email notices from Nixle about what is going on in your neighborhood and the city. This gives you the information you need to know to be safe. This is just the beginning of technology use to make everyone safer.
As a mature community we must update our older neighborhoods to keep them attractive and in demand. We have begun the process that will reduce the number of homes per block in areas with small lots and let home owners increase their lot size to build garages and additions to their homes. Getting excess cars off the street is part of that goal. The bigger challenge is to maintain excellent services with a substantial decline in city revenue. The amount of decline in property values over the past few years directly corresponds to how much money the city has to provide services to Dearborn residents and people whocome to Dearborn to work shop and receive an education. Even if property values go up dramatically, Proposal “A” will keep local governments from catching up with rising costs. The capacity to fund public safety and essential quality of life services will require innovative solutions and enhanced partnerships. I am prepared to continue to address these challenges and retain the quality of life that is Dearborn.
(Candidates Ziad Abdulmalik, Edward Binkley and Nofila Haidar did not submit by the deadline.)