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Kathleen Buda

KathleenBuda    My name is Kathleen Buda and I am seeking my fifth term as Dearborn city clerk. My education includes all 12 years at Sacred Heart Dearborn, Henry Ford Community College and a bachelor’s degree from Mercy College of Detroit. I became clerk in January 1998 and hope to continue as long as the voters will have me. We strive for professionalism and maintain a high level of public service. During my 16 years as clerk, we have made much of what we do available online. My door remains open to all residents who would like to offer suggestions and/or complaints.

I have lived in this wonderful city for 50 years and still have a deep desire to serve our wonderfully diverse community. Dearborn voters, please remember to cast your vote on Aug. 6 for mayor, clerk and council.

Khalil DakhlallahKhalil Dakhlallah

My name is Khalil Dakhlallah, and I have been living in Dearborn for 35 years. I am married with four adult kids and one grandchild. I have worked with the city of Dearborn for 15 years. I am now working as a student liaison at Edsel Ford High School, and have worked at the city of Dearborn Recreation Department (park ranger/manager), 19th District Court Work Program supervisor, as well as served five years as a Dearborn Police Reserve officer.

If I am elected as city clerk, I will be able to encourage people to be more involved. I plan to continue to uphold the high standard and professionalism that has been the office of city clerk for the past years. To be honest, as fragmented and controversial as this job has been for the last few years, I am here to make a difference. The office needs change, and I will bring my diverse mind into the office and do the best I can. Working with the city for the past 15 years has allowed me to know the ins and outs, ups and downs, and I would love to continue giving my time to the city of Dearborn.

The Dearborn City Clerk’s Office could encourage the people to be more involved. This will happen by holding a frequent voter registration workshop at different community meetings, as well as local high schools to encourage voter participation. Creating more diverse meetings, so that people will not be afraid to show up and speak their minds is something we should focus on, being that the city of Dearborn is one of the most diverse cities in the nation.

(Candidate Mark Jess Dawdy did not submit material by the deadline.)