1. MEDICAL: The condition called nephrolithiasis is more commonly referred to as what?
2. CONGRESS: What did the acronym HUAC stand for?
3. INVENTIONS: What 19th-century ranching aid did Joseph Glidden invent?
4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What are Georgetown University’s sports teams known as?
5. MATH: What is the Arabic equivalent of the Roman numerals MDCII?
6. LITERATURE: In what book do the characters Flopsy and Mopsy appear?
7. LANGUAGE: What is a poseur?
8. FOOD AND DRINK: What product is advertised as “Vermont’s Finest”?
9. SCIENCE: What is the chemical symbol for mercury?
10. GEOGRAPHY: Where are the Pillars of Hercules?

1. Kidney stones
2. House Un-American Activities Committee
3. Barbed wire
4. Hoyas
5. 1602
6. “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”
7. Someone who pretends to be something he or she is not
8. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
9. Hg (hydrargyrum)
10. Strait of Gibraltar

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