Council lacks quorum, meeting cancelled

Sunday Times Newspapers

MELVINDALE — Wednesday’s scheduled City Council meeting was cancelled because of a lack of a quorum, but a city administrator stayed after to address residents’ concerns.

Three councilors — Kalley Hess, Carl Louvet and Medina Balderas — were absent, as was Mayor Stacy Striz. Councilors Wheeler Marsee, Nicole Barnes and Dave Cybulski were present for the meeting.

Marsee opened the meeting, called the role, then closed the meeting citing the minimum of four councilors are required for a meeting to be held. City Administrator Jim Beri said the meeting is rescheduled for Aug. 7 and he did not mind staying afterward to talk to residents.

Many residents voiced concern over the the lack of a quorum saying it doesn’t look good and it is the councilors’ job to be present to conduct meetings.

Residents then turned their focus back to the reason they came: the flooding in the 17000 block Henry Street, where they said the water, in some places, was as high as the sidewalk.

Beri told the residents he applied for special road funding through the office of state Sen. Hoon-Yung Hopgood (D-8thDistrict), which would allow the city to repair a number of roads to allow better drainage of water, including a major portion of Henry Street.

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