Wyandotte Art Fair wraps up

Photo by Gabriel Goodwin
Kristyn Sparks (right), of the Brighton-based mother-daughter business Deb’s DeWyne Designs, explains to a customer the making of bottle art at the Wyandotte Street Art Fair Wednesday. Sparks uses recycled wine and liquor bottles from bars and restaurants to make her bottle art.

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — The Wyandotte Street Art Fair celebrated its 52nd year with a circus theme promoting it to be the “Greatest Show on Earth.”

The city created an official art fair in 1961, but Acanthus Art Society President Carol Lemus said the concept had humble beginnings that began with four friends who just wanted to paint.

“The art fair got its unofficial start when four friends set up on Oak Street and would just paint,” she said. “They would paint, then sell the paintings. From there, it just got bigger and bigger. Then the city got involved and started the street fair. Now it has become this large-scale event.”

Art, the mascot for the art fair, made his first appearance in 1964 on an advertisement for the fair. Since 2011, artists have reinterpreted Art’s image to match the theme of the fair.

This year, local artist Tim Pewe envisioned Art as a circus ringmaster and created a three-dimensional marionette, which was on display at River’s Edge Gallery, located at 3024 Biddle Ave. The marionette will continue to be showcased at the gallery until the end of July.

The art fair, which ran Wednesday through Saturday, featured 300 artists and vendors, live music, and entertainment for children.

Donna Waldock, owner of Waldock Originals, said she and her husband have been a vendor at the fair for about a decade and loves the atmosphere.

“It has a great atmosphere and a ton of diversity every year,” she said. “There’s always a wide variety of nice, engaging people here. It keeps changing and becoming more interesting each and every year.”

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