Uninvited mom crashes wedding party

Police responded to a hit-and-run complaint at the Silver Shores Banquet Center, 1 Cedar St., about 4 p.m. July 5. Police said the driver allegedly struck several vehicles in the parking lot and witnesses said she appeared to be very intoxicated.

The witnesses identified the driver as the mother of a bride-to-be hosting the event in the banquet center. The woman was not invited to the wedding, but showed up anyway and was eventually convinced to leave.

As she left, witnesses said, the woman intentionally drove into the bride’s vehicle, then backed into another vehicle in the parking lot. They said the woman drove away from the scene at a very fast pace.

Police said they eventually made contact with the woman, who is a Trenton resident, on Fort Street in Southgate. Officers observed damage to the vehicle consistent with the reported damage to the other vehicles.

Police said the woman was intoxicated and found an open container of alcohol in the vehicle. The woman refused all field sobriety tests, the preliminary breathalyzer test, and the chemical breath test.

A search warrant was obtained for blood testing and the woman was arrested for the open alcohol container, the hit and run, and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

— Gabriel Goodwin