Police Blotter

Allen Park
Tailgates stolen

Police received a walk-in theft complaint at 4:40 p.m. June 26. The victim said someone took the tailgate off his 2010 Ford F150, which was at Roosevelt Lanes, 6799 Roosevelt Ave. The tailgate was valued at $1,500.

Police responded to a theft complaint in the 9200 block of Chatham Avenue around 7:46 a.m. June 24. The victim said he parked his vehicle on the street in front of his home and went to bed around 9 p.m. the night before. He said he woke up and noticed the tailgate was gone from the truck around 7 a.m.

Rear window broken
Police received a walk-in theft complaint at 3:26 a.m. June 23. The victim said he parked his vehicle in front of a friend’s house about 2:15 a.m. and when he left the house the left half of the rear window was broken out.

The victim found a full can of beer in the vehicle and said he believed the incident occurred because of the Ohio State University sticker on the window. He said he and his friend didn’t hear anything because of the noise made by the house’s air conditioner.

Wheels stolen from vehicle

Police responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle with no wheels in the alley north of the 7900 block of Maple around 6 a.m. July 4.

They met with the homeowner who had discovered the black 2013 Chrysler 300 in the alley behind his house. He said he had been in his yard around 3 a.m. and that the vehicle was not there at that time.

The vehicle was found facing east with no wheels. The doors were unlocked and none of the windows were broken on the vehicle. Upon inspection it was also discovered that the gear shift was damaged.

Police discovered that the vehicle belonged to another resident on Maple and contacted him about the theft. The owner said the vehicle had been parked on the easement of his driveway overnight and that he believed that it was locked.

Officers determined that the vehicle was pushed into the alley, where the wheels were removed.

Bicycles stolen; property damaged
A resident of the 2700 block of Amazon discovered about 10:30 a.m. July 5 that four of his bicycles were stolen and that a children’s swing set and scooter were damaged.

The victim told police he had last saw the bicycles around midnight and they were all chained to the swing set, where he usually stored them.

Upon walking into the yard he found that the chain had been broken and one vertical bar of the swing set was bent. A children’s two wheel standup scooter that was chained with the bicycles was broken and in the yard.

The bicycles stolen were a 26-inch red mountain bike of an unknown make, a 20-inch yellow Next BMX bicycle, a 16-inch purple Next BMX bicycle and a white Next children’s bike.

No suspect information was available.

Dearborn Heights
Wallet stolen from vehicle

A woman walking to her vehicle discovered her wallet lying on the ground between the car and her apartment in the 27000 block of Colleen Court at 11:05 a.m. July 8.

The victim told police she had returned to the apartment around midnight and that she believed she had dropped the wallet inside the vehicle while getting out. She also stated that the doors do not lock properly on the vehicle.

When she left the apartment in the morning she found the wallet and discovered that $80 cash was missing. No other items were taken from the vehicle.

No suspect information was available.

Home invasion attempted
Police responded to a report of a home invasion in the 4100 block of Culver just after 3 a.m. July 4.

Approaching the house, police observed that the front right window was open. They searched around the house but did not find anyone. They then made contact with the homeowner, who had locked herself in the bathroom when the incident took place.

The homeowner said she had heard a noise coming from the front of the house and went to investigate it. Upon entering the living room she saw that the window was open and then saw the curtain move. At that point she locked herself in the bathroom and called police.

The woman told police that she didn’t notice anything missing from the house.

Police patrolled the surrounding neighborhood but were unable to locate any suspects.

Lincoln Park
Date leaves with valuables

A 59-year-old man told police that his anticipated evening with a woman ended when she left quickly and took with her more than $1,000 worth of electronics along with his identification and credit cards.

Police responded to the man’s house in the 1500 block of University about 1 a.m. July 7.

The man told police he’d been called by a woman who’d asked him to pick her up in front of a house in the 1800 block of Horger. He then drove her back to his house “to have an intimate encounter,” police said.

Instead, the man went into his bedroom then heard the back door close. He then discovered the theft of a $500 IBM laptop computer, a $250 iPod, and $300 Apple iPhone 4. Also missing was the man’s passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, Social Security card and several credit cards.

Police drove to the address on Horger, which was an abandoned house. Police are investigating.

House looted while family vacationed
A woman and her daughter returned from vacation Tuesday after having been away since June 14 to discover the theft of several thousand dollars worth of electronics and jewelry.

Officers responded to the house in the 1500 block of Grant and noted a bedroom window that had been broken out. Missing items included a $500 Toshiba laptop computer, DVD player and an estimated $5,000 worth of jewelry.

Police noted the missing items, collected evidence and are investigating.

Glasses stolen

Police responded to a theft call in the 13000 block of Stratford at 9:45 a.m. July 6. The victim said his car was broken into and a pair of perscription glasses were stolen along with the hard carrying case.

The victim told police he usually locks the vehicle, but there was no damage to the vehicle observed by police. He said he was unsure if other items were missing. The glasses were valued at $300 and there were no suspects at the time.

Attempted home invasion
Police responded to a call of an attempted home invasion in the 14000 block of Stratford at 10:45 p.m. July 6. The victim said someone had been inside her vehicle that was parked in the garage.

Police said the garage was left open overnight and the car was left unlocked. She said she noticed the glove box was open and paperwork was lying on the front passenger seat.

There was no damage to the vehicle, police said. The victim said nothing was missing from the vehicle or the garage, but she would have her husband check the garage when he got off work.

Vehicle damaged
Police responded to a damaged vehicle complaint at St. Cyprian’s Church, 13333 Pennsylvania Ave., at 10:20 a.m. July 5. The victim told police she parked the vehicle in the lot while she spent the night with her ill grandmother, and when she returned she noticed the damage to the driver’s and passenger’s door locks.

Police said it is unknown if the culprit gained entry into vehicle, but victim did not report anything missing from the vehicle. Police found parts from the locks in another part of the parking lot, but there were no witnesses to the incident.

Thieves strikes twice

Police twice responded to stolen property reports from patrons of Downriver Family YMCA, 16777 North Line Road.

Shortly before 8:30 p.m. July 6, a woman reported the theft of a gold wedding band valued at $900. The woman told police she’d left her ring on a shower seat, and found it missing soon after.

An hour later a separate call was made after a man discovered the theft of his Apple iPhone 4, valued at $400, that had been taken from a bench in the swimming pool area.

The man told police his phone had been equipped with GPS, and tracking software indicated the phone was somewhere in Detroit. Southgate police told the man they couldn’t drive to Detroit and look for his phone, but that YMCA management would review video surveillance images in hopes of identifying the thief.

Theft of portable toilet averted

Police responded quickly when told that two men were taking a portable toilet from Rotary Park, and soon had the would-be thieves in custody.

Shortly before 3 a.m. July 5, police dispatch reported the theft from Rotary Park, and soon after, two patrol officers spotted a light-colored pickup truck on Riverside Drive near Atwood. The patrol car followed the truck into a parking lot, and approached the driver and passenger to ask about the portable toilet.

The driver, 23, said he was taking the item to a job site in Livonia. The passenger, also 23, said he was helping.

A check with the Law Enforcement Information Network revealed the driver’s license had been suspended for driving without insurance. Both men were taken into custody, and warrants were being sought for charges of larceny and receiving and concealing. The pick-up truck and contents were impounded. Inside the carport where the truck had been parked police found two city of Trenton barricades believed to be stolen.

Argument between driver and biker escalates

Police responded to a disorderly person complaint in the 590 block of 6th Street about 7 p.m. July 9. The victim told police he and his nephew were riding their bicycles when a driver almost hit them. The driver was allegedly speeding north on 6th Street and nearly struck the two cyclists. The pair had to avoid the vehicle as it passed them.

The uncle said he began yelling at the driver as he passed and the driver turned around and exchanged words with him. The driver reportedly threatened to damage the uncle’s house, he told police.

He gave the police the license plate number for the vehicle and they tracked down the driver, who confirmed the incident. Both the driver and cyclist said they didn’t want the situation to escalate any further and wanted to consider the incident resolved.

Police advised them to keep their distance and no tickets were given to either individual.

Purse stolen from vehicle
Police responded to a theft complaint in the 570 block of St John’s at 10:40 p.m. July 4. The victim said someone stole her purse out of her unlocked vehicle. She told police she went out to her car and found several items from the vehicle lying on the ground.

Police reported no witnesses, but the wallet was found in the alley north of St. John’s between 6th and Lindburgh streets. The victim inspected the wallet and found $15 missing.

(Compiled by Gabriel Goodwin, James Mitchell and Bob Oliver.)