Eric Roberts
By Cindy Elavsky
Q: Can you tell me what my favorite actor, Eric Roberts, has been up to? My wife and I recently became vegans, and I’ve read that Eric is too. Is that true? — Paul S., via e-mail

A: The diverse and talented actor recently played against type as a nurturing grandfather in the UP TV original movie “The Perfect Summer” (which premiered July 13 and airs throughout the month), where he co-stars with “American Idol” alum Jason Castro, as well as Adam Horner and Sydney Penny. When I spoke with Eric recently about his role, he told me one of the main reasons he accepted it: “I haven’t played a grandfather yet. As you know, most roles I’ve played have been anything but normal, and I am not really the grandfather type. I enjoyed playing that. Playing a guy who is normal was fun for me.”

About his vegan lifestyle, Eric confided: “It’s really hard when you’re on the road [filming] in the South. But you don’t have to kill animals to eat. I just don’t like the idea that we slaughter so many beasts to eat. I asked my wife to help me be a vegan. She leads me around by the nose when I am home and keeps me on track. When I’m away, I’m a vegetarian.”
* * *
Q: What has Dirk Benedict, from the original “A-Team,” been doing lately? — Arlene in Rochester, N.Y.

A: Dirk, who also starred in the original “Battlestar Galactica,” has been embracing his sci-fi roots in recent years. He’s provided his vocal talents for a number of “Battlestar”-related videogames, attended numerous sci-fi conventions and co-starred in the original SyFy channel movie “Earthstorm.” Also, if you saw the 2010 big-screen version of “The A-Team,” then you know he made a cameo appearance, dispensing helpful tanning advice to the new “Face,” Bradley Cooper.
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Q: I just read that production on “Hell on Wheels” might be delayed due to flooding in Calgary, where the series is filmed. Do you have any info on that? — Windell S., Port Wentworth, Ga.

A: Production of the Western — which centers on the settlement that accompanied the building of the transcontinental railroad on 1865 — was delayed a bit as rising waters flooded the show’s set. Instead of season three premiering on AMC on Aug. 3, it has been pushed back to Saturday, Aug. 10. The two-hour season premiere begins at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
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Q: Please tell me “Monday Mornings” will be back on TV soon. I really have missed that show! — F. Gill, via e-mail

A: I am sorry to have to tell you that the medical drama — which was based on the novel of the same name by CNN’s chief medical correspondent, journalist and neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta — has been canceled after only one season on TNT. Even with the star power of Ving Rhames and Alfred Molina, it couldn’t survive its dismal ratings.

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