1. GEOGRAPHY: What is the largest country in area that borders on only one other country?
2. MOVIES: What art is featured in the movie “The Red Shoes”?
3. GAMES: How many letters are drawn to begin a game of “Scrabble”?
4. FOOD: What kind of bean is usually featured in the dish succotash?
5. LANGUAGE: What is a quidnunc?
6. TELEVISION: Who is Mary’s best friend and neighbor in “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”?
7. HISTORY: Which city hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics?
8. FLAGS: What nation’s flag features a Union Jack and a seven-point star on a blue background?
9. ART: What artist painted the work titled “Water Lillies”?
10. MUSIC: Who recorded and released the hit song “Maybellene” in 1955?

1. Canada
2. Ballet
3. Seven
4. Lima
5. Busybody
6. Rhoda
7. Berlin
8. Australia
9. Claude Monet
10. Chuck Berry

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