1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What was the name of the priest who founded Boys Town?
2. ANATOMY: What is the common name for horripilation?
3. LAW: What amendment to the U.S. Constitution gave women the right to vote?
4. MOVIES: In the movie “Speed,” what was the lowest speed that the bus could travel without blowing up?
5. LITERATURE: Who wrote the memoir “Life on the Mississippi”?
6. GEOGRAPHY: The Douro River flows through which two countries?
7. TELEVISION: What is the theme song for the reality TV show “Cops”?
8. MUSIC: How many copies does an album have to sell for it to go platinum?
9. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What kind of animal is a gerenuk?
10. MYTHOLOGY: How is the Roman god Janus often depicted?

1. Father Edward Flanagan
2. Goose bumps or goose flesh
3. 19th
4. 50 mph
5. Mark Twain
6. Spain and Portugal
7. “Bad Boys”
8. 1 million
9. Gazelle
10. Janus, the god of endings and beginnings, has two faces, each looking the opposite way.

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