Nonprofit group aids in adoptions to avoid euthanasia

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — A nonprofit group donates time and money to give animals the second chance they deserve.

Pound Pals Downriver is a group of volunteers that promotes the adoption of all impounded animals and provides the funds for any necessary care for incoming animals that are injured or ill. The organization’s founders, Kim Skidmore and Tom Abraham, said the additional care they provide gives all incoming animals the same chances for adoption.

Abraham and Skidmore also volunteer their time at the Wyandotte Animal Pound and Southgate Animal Shelter, and said the April 1 consolidation of facilities — creating the Downriver Central Animal Control — has caused an influx of animals into the Wyandotte system.

Abraham said the group wanted to provide the same quality of care to continue throughout the entire consolidated shelter system.

“Our goal after the consolidation was to ensure that our quality of care does not decrease due to the influx of animals and we could spread this quality of care to all of the consolidation,” Abraham said. “I’m pleased to be able to tell you that we have done that.”

Since April 1, Abraham said there have been 404 animals brought into the shelter and only 4 percent of those animals have been euthanized. He said that is much lower than other animal shelters, especially those that are similar in size.

Skidmore said the consolidation is working, especially to the benefit of the animals. She said there have been growing pains since the consolidation, but those are being worked out and everyone involved is working together to work through the problems.

“To put this in perspective, the national euthanasia rate is 65 percent,” she said. “We are really, really happy with the fact that we are at a rate less than 5 percent and hope to continue to do that.”

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