HFCC’s CL2 closure expected to save $330,000

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN – At a time when Henry Ford Community College is looking to save money wherever possible, an amount of $330,000 is probably not something that could be ignored.

To that end, HFCC cancelled the Center for Lifelong Learning (CL2) program on July 1 after 16 years. The decision was announced by the college in the week before the closure.

The move is expected to save the college about $330,000 at a time when it is facing a $6.5 million budget shortfall for the current fiscal year, which began July 1.

It is the latest measure taken by the college to generate more revenue. At the last board of trustees meeting June 17 it was announced that 14 administrative jobs had been cut, the college was considering asking for an additional mill in the November general election and that an amnesty program was being discussed aimed at former students who owe the school money.

The amnesty program has since been implemented and will run between July 15 and Aug. 14, with the Fall 2013 semester beginning eight days later.

A statement from the college said that the decision to close the program “was made in part due to the deficit but primarily because two other organizations offer the same kinds of continuing education classes for our residents: the city of Dearborn and Dearborn Public Schools.”

The college added that “it’s not likely the CL2 will re-open since two organizations already serve residents for these classes.”

A statement on the CL2 website thanked the community for their patronage and support. It also said “it has been our privilege to offer top-notch classes in so many different subject areas and we know that you have loved them.”

Open since 1997, the CL2 offered non-college credit courses to students looking to learn new job skills, explore new career paths or simply enroll in courses “for the sheer joy of personal enrichment.”

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