New Members

Weed Eraser Inc.
Larry Foley
10040 Cherokee
Weed Eraser Inc. was founded in 1997 by Pat Leigh with the intent of helping business owners and friends beautify their personal and business facilities. Pat is a retired inspector from the Fire Marshall Division of the Taylor Fire Department. They specialize in servicing commercial and industrial complexes and right-of-ways. Weed Eraser’s goal is to eliminate all unwanted and unsightly vegetation, including, but not limited to, weeds, vines, brush and poison ivy. All of their herbicide applicators are state certified and trained in multiple categories, and the president of the company, Pat Leigh, is a state certified instructor who trains individuals to perform this type of work. Here is how they can help you: They eliminate most, if not all, of the weed whipping in your hardscape areas, fence lines, and building edges. “Curb appeal” – keep your hardscapes weed free throughout the growing season. Extend the life of your cement or blacktop. Weeds growing in the cracks further expose the surfaces to physical and chemical weathering (freeze, thaw and salt cracking). Save money. Less maintenance costs.

Dearborn Hills Pharmacy
Khodr Hamka
24755 Ford Rd.
Family owned and operated, Dearborn Hills Pharmacy brings 20 years of patient advocacy experience to the neighborhood.This one-of-a-kind premier pharmacy aspires to become your trusted advisor for all your health and wellness needs. They genuinely care about your health and are committed to serving you. They will listen attentively in order to understand your needs and to build the required bond to gain your trust. Walk into their spacious lounge, enjoy free coffee and free Wi-Fi and receive fast, friendly and convenient service. They host regular health clinics, nurse consultations, seminars, medicinal education and provide free delivery, free blood pressure and free sugar checks. Their professional staff is equipped to handle any of your health needs.They pay attention to detail and have the know-how to provide medicinal advice for all of your pharmaceutical needs. With their professionalism and integrity, you can rest assured your information will be kept confidential with the highest regard to your privacy. They offer a low price guarantee for prescriptions and 20 percent off for senior citizens. And of course, the convenience of online refills. Healthy living through education is a passion of theirs and they are focused on empowering patients with knowledge of drugs and interactions.Their staff is trained to understand each individual as a person and not just as a patient. You can visit their website and find them on facebook.

Emmanuel Lutheran Church & School
Sandy Jones
22425 Morley
Emmanuel Lutheran School is a private, parochial school operated by Emmanuel Lutheran Church LCMS. It offers a full- and half-day preschool program for 3- and 4-year olds as well a full- or half-day kindergarten through the eighth grade. Emmanuel’s philosophy of education helps students build confidence because they treat each child as an individual child of God with unique talents and gifts, and they teach them to welcome every challenge with strength and faith. They encourage scholarship because they offer a diverse and challenging curriculum, and the freedom to learn in a dynamic, distraction free environment. They also strive to develop a sense of community in that they find ways to take positive steps to help others. These lessons are a vital part of their educational process. Emmanuel’s small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratio fosters close relationships between students and teachers and creates a caring and supportive community. Right now they are offering a Summer Day Camp program that runs from 7:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. For $30 a day your child will benefit from a whole host of fun activities and also work on reading and math skills over the summer. Camp began on June 17, and runs through August 23. For more information about Emmanuel Lutheran School, its Summer Day Camp, and enrollment for the fall please call 313-561-6265, or go to

Countrywide Benefit Group
Ed Muqbel
13939 Michigan Avenue, Suite D
Countrywide Benefit Group provides new benefit options which will allow you to consult and access a licensed doctor 24/7, reduce cost, and employers eliminate lost productivity due to medical absenteeism, with less insurance used a greater over all savings. You do not have to leave home to go to the doctor and no more waiting long at hospital emergency rooms. Tele-health is the wave of the future; improve care, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Think of it as “minimus maximus,” minimal costs with maximum benefits. In just a few short years over 4 percent of the U.S. population approximately 12 million people have turned to Tele-health, which is expected to grow over 40 percent in the next few years to 150 million people. Find out more about the services and how the affordable new benefits work for you. Call Ed Muqbel and make your appointment.