Infant in critical condition after beating

Sunday Times Newspapers

TAYLOR — A nine-month-old girl remains in critical condition after a near-fatal beating at the hands of a teenager, whose fate and charges remain uncertain, police said.

Police Chief Mary Sclabassi said officers responded shortly before 9 a.m. Wednesday to the 16000 block of Wedel in the Sandee Apartment complex. The call had reported, “a possible home invasion and a baby that was covered in blood,” Sclabassi said.

Police and fire officers responded and first checked the status of the baby, who they found unresponsive. A firefighter and police officer immediately drove the infant to Oakwood Southshore Medical Center for treatment, attempting CPR en route in the squad car.

“Based on the condition of the baby they felt it was urgent to respond to the hospital immediately,” Sclabassi said.

As of press time, Sclabassi said, the baby was listed in critical condition, but had been removed from a ventilator after her breathing improved. The baby was said to have suffered head injuries during the assault.

Charges remained uncertain Thursday after police took a 15-year-old neighbor into custody. The boy was believed to be mentally challenged, and a hearing was expected to be held after press time at Wayne County Juvenile Court.

The baby was reportedly at home and being watched by a 13-year-old sibling when the teenage neighbor entered and allegedly assaulted the infant.

Sclabassi said the investigation by police and Wayne County Prosecutor’s office was continuning.

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