1. MOVIES: What was the charge debated by the jury in the movie “12 Angry Men”?
2. GOVERNMENT: What did the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution do?
3. SCIENCE: What does an oologist study?
4. QUOTATIONS: Who said, “Little strokes fell great oaks.”
5. ANATOMY: What is a verruca?
6. Geography: What is Europe’s longest river?
7. MUSIC: Who composed music for the first three Harry Potter movies?
8. TRAVEL: Australia spans how many different time zones?
9. PSYCHOLOGY: If someone suffers from mysophobia, what is he or she afraid of?
10. COMICS: What is the name of Garfield’s canine companion?

1. Murder
2. Limited presidents to two four-year terms
3. Birds’ eggs
4. Benjamin Franklin
5. A wart
6. The Volga
7. John Williams
8. Three
9. Germs
10. Odie

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