Police Blotter

Allen Park
Rims, tires stolen

Police responded to a theft call in the 14600 block of Horger Ave. on June 4. The victim told police he parked his vehicle in his driveway around 6 p.m. June 3. When he returned the next morning, he said the rims and tires were taken off the vehicle and it was propped up on concrete blocks.

The undercarriage was dented and scratched from being placed on the blocks, police said. The estimated damage was $1,000 for the frame and $2,000 for the set rims and tires. There were no known suspects.

Vehicle stolen
A man went into the police station about 11 a.m. June 10 to report his vehicle stolen. He told police the vehicle was parked in front of his residence in the 16800 block of Philomene Boulevard the night before.

The man said he was still in possession of his keys and did not find any broken glass. He told police he believed he locked the vehicle before going inside his house.

Police have no suspects yet, but the 1993 Dodge Dynasty was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network.

Vehicle stolen from driveway

The owner of a blue 1999 Oldsmobile Alero discovered that the vehicle had been stolen from his driveway in the 23000 block of Cleveland about 9 a.m. June 16.

The owner told police he had returned from vacation about midnight and that he had parked the vehicle in the driveway, locked the doors and taken the keys inside the house. When he went outside about 8:45 a.m. he discovered the theft.

Inside the vehicle were two laptop computers that the owner used for work and two sets of golf clubs.

There was no broken glass in the driveway and no other evidence left at the scene.

Wheels stolen from vehicle
A man called police just before 5 a.m. June 16 to report that a suspicious truck had been in his neighbor’s driveway in the 3400 block of Eastham, and that the wheels of his neighbor’s vehicle were missing.

The man said he was walking to his car to leave for work when he noticed that a black Ford pickup truck was in his neighbor’s driveway. The truck was running but its headlights were off. The man then noticed that the wheels were missing from his neighbor’s vehicle.

The truck then backed onto Eastham and fled south toward Rotunda at a high rate of speed. The man did not see a suspect and was unable to retrieve any license plate information.

The man tried to alert his neighbor of the theft but was unable, so he went back to his house and called police.

Police were able to collect the lugnuts from the victim’s vehicle but nothing else of evidentiary value. They checked the area for the suspect vehicle but with negative results. Police also canvassed the surrounding neighborhoods without locating any other similar thefts.

Dearborn Heights
Home invasion reported

A home invasion was reported to police by the victim in the 4200 block of Croissant about 9 p.m. June 15.

The victim told police she had been away from the house between 1:30 and 9 p.m. and that upon returning she discovered that someone had attempted to enter the residence through the side door by loosening the door handle. She found the door handle lying on the ground.

Nothing appeared to have been taken or disturbed inside the house.

Police investigating at the scene also found marks near the lock on the door and a screen loose on a window on the north side of the house.

No suspect information is available.

Phone number wrongly placed on website
A woman receiving an influx of phone calls searched online June 15 and found that her phone number was listed on an adult “escort” website.

The victim, who lives in the 8400 block of North Evangeline, told police that an ad on an escort service website had her phone number listed in the contact information. The ad was for an escort named “Blossom.” The victim contacted website officials and they removed the number, but she does not know how or why her number was listed there.

She told police that she received approximately 150 phone calls and text messages before the number was removed.

The victim also told police that she does not know whether the listing was a mistake or if it was posted by someone she knows.

No suspect information is available.

Lincoln Park
Overnight burglars grab TVs, game system

A man told police that one or more burglars broke into his home in the 1700 block of Riverbank Avenue sometime between 11:30 p.m. June 15 and 11 a.m. June 16 and took with them two TVs and a PlayStation 3 video game system.

The man said everything was stolen from the first floor of the house while he was upstairs asleep. He had not locked the doors, and the rear entry was wide open when he awoke and noticed the missing items, including 52-inch and 32-inch flat-screen TVs.

Police collected evidence and were awaiting additional information.

‘Cycle stolen from parking lot

A man returned home from work shortly after midnight June 12 to discover his custom motorcycle had been stolen from an apartment parking lot.

Police responded to the 13000 block of Strathcona in response to the theft report. The owner of a red 2008 Harley-Davidson Sportster, valued at $5,000, said the vehicle had been secured with fork locks, that he had both sets of keys and that he was not behind on payments. He’d last seen the motorcycle went he left at noon June 11.

A description of the motorcycle, including distinctive decorations on the gas tank, was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network.

Electronics stolen during home invasion

Police are investigating one burglary in the 15000 block of Hampden Avenue, and believe a second residence was victimized by the same suspects.

A home owner said that sometime between 9:30 a.m. and noon June 12, someone kicked in the front door and stole a $7,000 Apple iPad and $500 Toshiba laptop computer. The man said he’d left home briefly and was then working in the backyard during the suspected time frame.

Police collected evidence and descriptions of the stolen items, and investigators said that a second, undisclosed breaking-and-entering was being investigated nearby on Hampden.

Drug store thieves grab smokes, pills
Cigarettes, prescription pills and other merchandise were stolen from Sax Discount Pharmacy, 22525 Wick, by one or more thieves who smashed a front glass door to gain entry.

Police responded to an alarm at 4:45 a.m. June 14, and were soon met by a store representative. Investigators noted that both the front glass door and an interior door were broken, as was a locked gate at the pharmacy area. Much of the store had been looted and ransacked, and it was uncertain how much had been taken in merchandise and prescription medications. Police collected evidence and are investigating.

Woman arrested on warrants after theft of hospital supplies

A woman allegedly stole and made use of needles, tape, applicators and other equipment at Oakwood Southshore Hospital, which resulted in her arrest on criminal bench warrants.

Police were called to the hospital shortly before 4 a.m. Monday by hospital security officers, who said that a nurse witnessed the 24-year-old woman — who had been waiting for her boyfriend who was being treated — take the items into a bathroom. After the woman left, the nurse saw a used needle, cap and rubber strap, blood in the sink and that several supplies were missing.

Police were given the woman’s contact information that she’d provided for her boyfriend, and soon located her at a nearby convenience store. A search revealed hospital property, and a check with the Law Enforcement Information Network revealed four warrants for the woman’s arrest from three separate counties. She was taken to the station and held pending arraignment and hearings.

Driver travelling in construction zone arrested for OWI

Police arrested a man for drunken driving after watching him misjudge his exit from the Zorba’s Coney Island parking lot, 18237 Fort St., and enter a construction zone about 3:45 a.m. June 15.

Police said they heard loud grinding noise then saw the man drive over a two-foot drop between the single lane of traffic and the construction zone.

The man continued through the construction zone before crossing into the correct lane, police said, then proceeded north on Fort Street. The man turned east on Voight where police said they made contact.

Police said there were other occupants in the vehicle and a smell of alcohol emanating from the vehicle during the traffic stop. They initiated a field sobriety test and a preliminary breath test. Police said the man registered a 0.126 which is one-and-a-half times the legal limit in Michigan. In their report, police said the man’s official blood alcohol content was .120 – a reading from the chemical testing done during booking.

The vehicle was impounded and the man was arrested for operating while intoxicated. There was damage to the vehicle, police said, but there was no estimate.

License plate stolen
Police responded to a report of a stolen license plate from the Colonial Village Cooperative in the 15000 block of Shenandoah. The victim called police about 10:30 a.m. June 17 and said the plate was missing.

She said she was not sure the time the plate went missing, but assumed it went missing between June 15 and the time of the report. There are no suspects and no evidence reported.

Rear window shattered

A woman told police about 7 p.m. June 16 that someone broke out the rear window of her vehicle. The vehicle was parked on the east side of the Box Theater parking lot, 1165 Ford St.

Police said the vehicle was unoccupied at the time and parked for about three hours. Police said they observed a golf ball in the rear of the car.

The victim told police she believes the golf ball was fired from some kind of device. Police said they agreed with the victim because it was highly unlikely there would be anyone hitting golf balls in the area. There was no damage to the houses or the surrounding area. There were no suspects.

(Compiled by Gabriel Goodwin, James Mitchell and Bob Oliver.)