HFCC offering MAT2 training

DEARBORN — Henry Ford Community College is one of two community colleges in the state equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for mechatronics training through the Michigan Advanced Technician Training program, which starts in the fall.

The MAT2 program provides:
• A three-year training program with all costs paid by an employer;

• An associate’s degree in a high-tech, in-demand field;

• On-the-job training with pay; and

• Guaranteed employment upon successful completion (the student must commit to remaining on the job for a minimum of two years after the training period ends).

Mechatronics is a cutting-edge field that combines mechanical engineering, electronics, computer technology and information technology. Mechatronics technicians provide support to mechanical engineers, modify machines, make minor changes and provide maintenance for related equipment in advanced manufacturing companies.

“This is a great opportunity for students to earn an associate’s degree, a certificate, critical work experience and zero debt,” said Amy Cell, senior vice president of Talent Enhancement for the Michigan Economic Development Corp. in Lansing.

MAT2 combines state-of-the-art training facilities with actual work sites to give students a skills-based education. Students alternate between the classroom and learning lab, gaining marketable skills and valuable knowledge.

“MAT2 fits well with ongoing efforts here at HFCC to fill the needs employers currently have for skilled technicians, who have been in high demand in the country for the past 10-20 years,” said Tracy Pierner, HFCC vice president of Academic Affairs for Career and Technical Programs. “This program is essential to satisfy those needs.”

Jim Anderson, an HFCC industrial automation instructor, agreed with Pierner.

“It’s really a unique program, thanks to HFCC’s affiliation with local industry,” Anderson said. “What you get out of the MAT2 program, it makes you much more employable and much more desirable as an employee in industry.”

For further information about MAT2, call 888-522-0103 or email MAT@michigan.org. Applications for MAT2 are available at www.mitalent.org/mat2-application-process.