Third pre-trial scheduled for police officer

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — A third and final pre-trial has been scheduled for Dearborn Police Officer Eric Krawczyk, who was arrested in April for suspicion of driving under the influence and fleeing the scene of an accident.

The pre-trial has been set for 8:30 a.m. July 10 before 19th District Court Judge Sam Salamey.

Salamey said during the second pre-trial on June 13 that the bond Krawczyk was under was going to continue until the next court date. Krawczyk is free on a $200 personal bond with a travel restriction of the tri-county area.

Salamey also said that the third pre-trial will be the last, with a resolution as to whether or not Krawczyk will stand trial being made that day.

Krawcyzk also appeared before Salamey for a pre-trial on May 23, where the charge of operating under the influence was increased to operating with a high-blood alcohol content. He also had the additional charge of driving without auto insurance added against him. He still faces the fleeing the scene of an accident charge.

The charges stem from incidents that occurred about 12:30 a.m. April 20 when, according to published reports, police responded to calls that a black Ford Taurus had struck a tree near the area of Carlysle and Northhampton Court and had continued driving north on Audette after the collision.

A witness told police that he observed the car striking a tree at the intersection of Carlysle and Culver. The vehicle then pulled back onto the road and drove north on Audette. The witness followed the Taurus and saw it strike another vehicle near Village Road.

After this, the witness said the Taurus turned onto Donaldson, where it struck another vehicle before stopping.

When police arrived the vehicle was not moving, but the driver was still inside. They observed heavy damage to the front passenger side of the Taurus and noted that the car’s air bags were deployed.

Krawczyk handed the officers his police identification and exited his car when asked. Officers observed that he was having difficulty in standing and his eyes were glassy.

Reports also state that Krawczyk was given a preliminary breath test at the scene which he failed. He was placed under arrest and transported to Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center.

Krawczyk is currently suspended from the DPD.

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