1. ANATOMY: What is the cartilage flap in front of the ear called?
2. MUSIC: What group produced the 1980s pop hit “Karma Chameleon”?
3. GEOGRAPHY: Dijon is a region within which European country?
4. ENTERTAINERS: In the 19th century, what singer was called the “Swedish nightingale”?
5. HISTORY: In what year did the United States celebrate its bicentennial?
6. MOVIES: Which film director’s credits included “Romeo and Juliet” and “La Traviata”?
7. ADVERTISEMENTS: What was the name of the cartoon character that promoted StarKist tuna?
8. MEDICINE: Vitamin K plays an important role in what function of the human body?
9. LITERATURE: What literary character’s family motto is “The world is not enough”?
10. TELEVISION: On the comedy series “Happy Days,” what was Fonzie’s full name?

1. The tragus
2. Culture Club
3. France
4. Jenny Lind
5. 1976
6. Franco Zeffirelli
7. Charlie
8. Blood clotting
9. James Bond
10. Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli

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