1. ENTERTAINERS: What actress’s original name was Natasha Gurdin?
2. LANGUAGE: What is a dyarchy?
3. TELEVISION: What was the Skipper’s nickname for Gilligan in “Gilligan’s Island”?
4. GEOGRAPHY: On which coast of Africa is the country of Gabon located?
5. ADVERTISING SLOGANS: What company’s cookies are baked by elves?
6. HISTORY: What was Attila the Hun’s moniker?
7. PSYCHOLOGY: What fear is represented by pharmacophobia?
8. GAMES: How many color groups of property are in the game of Monopoly?
9. INVENTIONS: Who invented the Frisbee?
10. ANATOMY: Where are the adrenal glands located in the human body?

1. Natalie Woods
2. Dual governance
3. Little buddy
4. West
5. Keebler’s
6. “Scourge of God”
7. Fear of taking drugs or medicine
8. Eight
9. Walter Frederick Morrison
10. On top of the kidneys

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