Eric Martsolf stars as “Brady” on “Days of Our Lives”

Taylor was oblivious in thinking that Brooke was not a threat to her relationship with Eric. Alison warned Maya about the wrath she would face if she didn’t break up with Rick. Steffy returned to work for the first time since she lost her baby. Liam confided in his father about having second thoughts about his marriage. Taylor encouraged Steffy to get pregnant again as soon as possible. Brooke reminded Eric of the good times they had together. Bill was caught off-guard to learn that Donna knew about his tryst with Brooke. Carter offered to help Maya counter Bill’s blackmail attempt. Wait to See: Katie learns a secret.

Marlena found the evidence that she needed to expose Kristen’s scheme to Brady. Someone told Eric how Nicole really felt about him. Kristen desperately tried to convince Brady that she really did love him. Maggie urged Nick to come clean about everything. Will was filled with emotion when meeting his baby girl for the first time. Brady’s sobriety was tested. Nick confided in Gabi about what happened to him in prison. Nicole comforted Brady. Jennifer unknowingly helped JJ come up with a way to sell drugs. John and Marlena faced an uncertain future together. Wait to See: Abigail withholds information from Cameron.

Morgan fed his gambling addiction by playing online. Luke and Tracy talked honestly about their relationship and past mistakes. AJ and Monica wondered what the mysterious text message could mean. Lulu remembered the traumatic incident surrounding Stavros. Chaos erupted as the party host’s identity was revealed. Tracy rushed Luke to the hospital, but he refused to take his condition seriously. Nikolas found out about AJ and Carly’s recent one-night stand. Lulu confided everything to Dante. Michael and Kiki shared an intimate moment, but agreed not to tell Morgan. Wait to See: Patrick goes out on a date.

Phyllis tried to reassure Jack that their relationship wasn’t over just because she was moving out. Billy canceled his romantic evening with Victoria after she got stuck at work. Michael was having a hard time getting over Lauren’s affair with Carmine. Nick confessed a private secret to Cassie’s grave. Summer got her wish when Kyle finally kissed her. Chelsea was falling for Dylan. Adam approached Chelsea’s OB/GYN after her appointment. Cane planned a surprise party for Lily. Michael contemplated getting a divorce, but worried about how it would affect his son. Wait to See: Victoria is troubled by Billy’s secrecy.

Pete faced his past. A smug David found happiness in another’s grief. Jesse made a deal he might not be able to break. David received a deal he couldn’t turn down. Dixie thought she saw a ghost.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Internet):
Rapper Snoop Lion made his presence known in Llanview. Matthew contemplated taking some serious advice. Todd and Blair teamed up again. The mystery surrounding Dani’s overdose deepened.

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