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Valu Land
Ryan Wingett
22541 Michigan Ave.
Valu Land offers a full and convenient shopping experience with grocery, produce and other fresh products, in addition to hard-to-beat savings on everyday items. Valu Land is a low price leader that serves families who are value and budget conscious. Valu Land is perfect for shoppers who are on the hunt for lower grocery prices and welcomes the neighborhood to experience these savings. The stores carry national brands and Michigan’s favorite Spartan branded products, which, on average, cost 20 percent less than national brands for comparable or better quality. A good selection of fresh items such as quality meats, fresh and seasonal produce, will be part of the product mix. Offering an appealing and attractive décor, the store creates a pleasant shopping atmosphere. Colorful, eye-catching signage and a POS program promotes value and directs consumers to savings throughout the store. Valu Land locations are found in Dearborn, Lansing, Leslie, Marion, Clare, Roseville and Warren. They are among the 101 retail supermarkets throughout Michigan that are owned and operated by Spartan Stores, which is also a wholesale distributor to approximately 390 independent grocery locations in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

Sam’s Club Southgate
Charles Southard
15700 Northline Road
Sam’s Club is a quality wholesaler of groceries, everyday consumer goods, baked goods, meats, produce, seasonal items, books, clothing, appliances and more. They are driven by supporting the community both through sponsoring, attending events, and initiatives that better the community locally. Their club has been in the community since 1992 when its doors first opened. Even if you are a business member or just like to shop in bulk and get savings that easily pays for your membership Sam’s Club Southgate is the place to be. The discounts they offer really add up and can save you hundreds of dollars compared to the competitors that you could be shopping with. They have a wide range of services offered and areas that you can visit while shopping, such as their Pharmacy and Optical & Hearing Aid Centers. Come visit them at anytime to see how Sam’s Club can save you money, and see why they were rated No. 1 in customer service by the Temkin Group.

Moo Cluck Moo
Brian Parker
8606 N. Telegraph Road
Dearborn Heights
It started over a conversation between friends who share a passion for food. Food that starts with the freshest and most natural ingredients available, that can be crafted and served quickly and efficiently but without sacrificing quality or flavor. They are not “fast food.” They are BETTER FOOD … FAST. They created a simple menu — burgers, fries, a buttermilk fried chicken sandwich, a hearty salad, a portobello mushroom sandwich and shakes and then found the best ingredients they could: no antibiotics or hormones in their meat or dairy, no pesticides on their veggies, no corn syrup in their soda. They bake their buns daily. They found cooking oil that’s more nutritious. And they didn’t stop there: they consulted with world class chef Jimmy Schmidt to develop their very own recipes and cooking methods that result in superior flavor. Why are they different? They care about the food they serve you, down to every last detail. Better ingredients, better cooking, better food. They enjoy producing meticulously crafted food for you because they want you to eat. Better.

Craig Sacha
29065 Cabot
Paychex is the nation’s leader in payroll and human resource services among small to midsize business. Paychex has proudly earned marks of excellence by providing companies with expertise and personal attention for over 40 years. The company was established in 1971 serves over 560,000 clients nationally and 14,000 here in Michigan. They are a publicly traded, Fortune 1,000 company while still maintaining a local presence. All payroll clients served in Michigan have a dedicated specialist located here in metropolitan Detroit, that can assist them will their payroll-related needs. Along with payroll and tax pay services, Paychex also offers 401k, workers compensation, and human resource services for companies. Paychex recently launched their mobile application for business owners and their employees. This tool will allow them to view their payroll and retirement information from their Apple, Android, or Blackberry device. This company is the preferred payroll provider of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants as well as being a partner of the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants. Contact Craig Sacha at 248-488-1100 to discuss options for your business.