Tips for setting up or improving a home office

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Taking the time to modernize your home office will improve the quality of your work.

(StatePoint) — If you work from home, you know how important it is to turn your home office into an efficient workspace. And these days, making improvements with that goal in mind rests on keeping up with the trends and times.

The design of your workspace can have a tremendous impact on how you feel, and ultimately, your productivity.

There are steps you can take to reduce your chance of on-the-job stress injuries like back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Experts advise setting up your desk so that all the items on it are within easy reach, your feet touch the floor, and your eyes are at the same level as the top of your monitor.

There are ergonomically designed keyboards, chairs, desks and foot rests on the market that can help too. If possible, use a headset or speakerphone to prevent that bad habit of cradling your phone between your ear and shoulder.

Data Protection
Half of Americans have lost or accidentally deleted files from their primary computer, according to recent studies conducted by Wakefield Research and a2b Research.

And one-third admits that they have never backed up their computers,
or haven’t done so in more than a year. Don’t leave your valuable documents susceptible to such a fate.

New technology is making investing in data protection easier and more affordable. For example, Carbonite offers online (commonly referred to as cloud) backup solutions that are robust enough for a medium-sized business and affordable for even very small ones. Because it backs up computer files automatically, you can set it and forget it, so you can concentrate on your bottom line. And if your work keeps you on the go, you’ll have access to your backed-up data from any computer, smartphone or internet-connected device.

“For many businesses, their data is their most valuable asset,” says Pete Lamson, Senior Vice President of Cloud Backup at Carbonite. “Cloud backup offers another layer of protection, as you’re protecting yourself from anything that could happen to your home office, like natural disaster, theft or power surges.”

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While smartphones and tablets make it nearly impossible to totally tune out sometimes, it’s important to at least try to separate your work space from your living space to the best of your ability. Not every smaller home or apartment may allow for a complete physical separation, but the more you can psychologically disassociate the two, the better work you will do during work hours and the better living you will do the rest of the time.

If you can’t separate your office with a door, try dividing your room with a bookshelf, oriental screen or other room divider. These solutions can be both practical and affordable.

Taking the time to modernize your home office will improve the quality of your work.