1. ANIMAL KINGDOM: By what other name are a cat’s whiskers known?
2. ANCIENT WORLD: Where is the Acropolis?
3. HISTORY: Who was the commanding Union general at the Battle of Gettysburg?
4. MEDICINE: What is scoliosis?
5. GEOGRAPHY: What two countries share Niagara Falls?
6. MOVIES: What was the name of Gary Cooper’s character in “High Noon”?
7. ENTERTAINMENT: What kind of horse was Trigger, Roy Roger’s trusty steed?
8. SCIENCE: What metal is liquid at room temperature?
9. ANATOMY: Where is the medulla oblongata located?
10. LITERATURE: Who created the “Tom Swift” series of novels?

1. Vibrissae, or “tactile hairs”
2. Athens
3. George Meade
4. Curvature of the spine
5. U.S. and Canada
6. Will Kane
7. Palomino
8. Mercury
9. Lower part of the brain stem
10. Edward Stratemeyer

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