TOP TEN VIDEO, DVD as of May 13, 2013

Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray Rentals
1. Django Unchained (R) Jamie Foxx
2. This is 40 (R) Paul Rudd
3. Life of Pi (PG) Suraj Sharma
4. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (PG-13) Ian McKellen
5. Lincoln (PG-13) Daniel Day-Lewis
6. Parental Guidance (PG) Billy Crystal
7. Zero Dark Thirty (R) Jessica Chastain
8. Argo (R) Ben Affleck
9. The Impossible (PG-13) Naomi Watts
10. Les Miserables (PG-13) Hugh Jackman

Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray Sales
1. Django Unchained (R) (Anchor Bay/Starz)
2. Gangster Squad (R) (Warner Bros.)
3. A Haunted House (R) (Universal)
4. The Impossible (PG-13) (Summit)
5. The Bible (NR) (Fox)
6. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (PG-13) (Warner)
7. Lincoln (PG-13) (Disney)
8. Promised Land (R) (Universal)
9. Wreck-It Ralph (PG) (Disney)
10. Jurassic Park (PG-13) (Universal)

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