Police Blotter

Car theft averted

An attempted car jacking was stopped by the victim in the 6800 block of Pinehurst about 10:30 a.m April 25.

The victim was walking toward his 2005 Ford Five Hundred when a dark-colored 1999 or 2000 Buick Regal pulled up behind him and two men got out. One of the men pulled a hood over his head and demanded the keys to the victim’s car.

The victim backed away from the men and reached behind his back to simulate retrieving a weapon, telling the men that he had a gun. The men then got back in their vehicle and fled north on Pinehurst.

The victim told police that the two men who approached him were black and between 16 and 20 years old. There was a third man driving the Regal but the victim was not able to make out any features.

Nothing was stolen and police were unable to find a vehicle or suspects matching their description in the area surrounding Pinehurst.

Telephone theft reported
Police responded to a possible robbery in the 4000 block of Maple at 1p.m. April 28.

The victim told police that about 30 minutes before their arrival two black men that he been drinking with had stolen his cell phone. He said he and the men had been drinking all morning and having a good time until he noticed that his cell phone was missing.

He confronted the men about the phone and an argument ensued, which moved into a parking lot. The victim said that once outside he was jumped by the men and hit in the wrist by a foreign object, possibly a beer bottle.

The victim told police that he worked with the men but had never met them before that morning.

Surveillance footage for the lot could not be immediately viewed but police questioned possible witnesses who told them that they saw neither a theft nor a fight.

Lincoln Park
Burglar nets laptop, jewelry

Police are investigating a home invasion and burglary of a $700 laptop computer and several pieces of jewelry from a house in the 1000 block of Cloverlawn.

A woman said that sometime between 7 and 8:30 p.m. Monday one or more people broke into her house and stole the computer, two gold rings and two gold watches from a jewelry box that was inside a dresser.

The woman also said that a safe had been opened, although she was uncertain if anything was missing.

Police did not identify how access was gained, and the woman said all doors were locked. Police collected evidence at the scene and are investigating.

Cops chase paper thief
Patrol officers were within sight when a man helped himself to two bundles of newspapers outside a store shortly before 6 a.m. April 28. After the man tossed the papers into the back of a Ford Explorer, he ran to the driver’s door and quickly entered and drove away in the vehicle.

Police followed the suspect from Dollar Tree, 3698 Fort St., and pulled the vehicle over at Moran Street west of Fort. The man initially told officers he had stopped in the parking lot to check the air pressure in his tires, but after the officers described his actions he admitted to the theft. The man told police he’d taken the newspapers in order to use the Sunday coupons.

The man was arrested and taken into custody pending an arraignment on larceny charges.

Children approached twice by pick-up driver

Police ask parents to be aware of similar, suspicious situations in which the driver of a silver pick-up truck approached children twice in recent weeks.

Police were told on April 24 that four children were riding bicycles in Elizabeth Park, and at 3 p.m. the driver of a
pick-up truck stopped them. They looked tired, said the driver, described as a white man in his 20s with dark hair parted in the middle, and he asked if they needed a ride.

The grandfather of the four children was nearby on his own bicycle, and approached the driver, who said he had only offered them a ride. The grandfather described for police a tattoo on the man’s upper arm, and additional information on the vehicle.

There was a woman in the passenger seat, but neither the grandfather nor the children were able to describe her.

Police noted similarities to a report filed on April 24, in which a man and a woman in a silver pick-up truck approached children near Charlton and Lenox and asked if they needed a ride.

Anyone with information on these incidents should contact Trenton police at 734-676-3737.

Felon exposed at bus stop
Police took into custody a man wanted by the Dearborn Police Department for failing to appear in court, a warrant discovered while responding to reports of indecent exposure at a bus stop.

Police responded to a call shortly before 9 p.m. April 29 from a woman who said a man at a bus stop near West Jefferson and Truax had his pants down near his knees and a hand inside his boxer shorts.

When police arrived, the man said he had been doing clean-up work nearby, was waiting for a bus and admitted that he had just pulled his pants up because his belt was too loose.

The reporting woman filed a complaint that said she witnessed the man masturbating. A check with the Law Enforcement Information Network revealed the man had an arrest warrant from Dearborn, and he was taken to the Trenton police station for processing.

Dearborn Heights
Motorcycle theft stopped

The attempted theft of a 2013 Harley-Davidson motorcycle was stopped by the owner in the 5100 block of Southfield
at 3:30 a.m. April 26.

The victim told police that he discovered two white men in their late teens or early 20s attempting to take his motorcycle from his back yard. When he found them they were walking the Harley down the street toward a field just south of his house. The victim challenged them about the theft and the thieves dropped the bike and fled southwest through the field.

No fingerprints were found on the chrome handles but dirty smudges could be seen, which police said may have been caused by gloves worn by the thieves. Damaged to the left saddlebag and side of the motorcycle was also discovered.

The men were not found.

House invaded on Mercedes
A house in the 8700 block of Mercedes was broken into sometime before 6 a.m. April 27.

The victim told police that he had woken up and walked to his living room where he encountered two unknown men. He chased them out of the house through the back door but could not catch them. Once outside he saw that his gray 2005 Dodge Durango was missing from the driveway.

Police arrived and searched the house and property. The victim told police that the only thing missing from inside the house were his wife’s keys, which had been in her purse in the living room.

Police believe that the men entered the house through a bedroom window, which the victim discovered had been pushed up and opened before the police arrived.

The victim was only able to describe the suspects as wearing dark clothing and being just under 6 feet tall.

Glass broken at bakery

An alarm and broken glass brought police to a bakery about 6 p.m. April 24.

The south entry door of Carlo and Joe’s Bakery, 15520 King Road, was ajar and the glass had been broken out. Nothing appeared to have been taken.

Cat stolen in break-in
The family cat was the only thing missing after a suspected home invasion in the 18200 block of Matthews.

When officers arrived about 6:30 p.m. April 29, they found a broken window in the entrance door and the cat, a brown tabby, missing.

Nothing else appeared to be missing.

A neighbor reported seeing a white man and white woman carrying a ring of keys and walking up the driveway into the back yard before leaving that day.

Jewelry missing
The daughter of a resident of Kinghaven Manor, 14600 King Road, reported more than $9,000 worth of jewelry missing from her mother’s room April 26.

The jewelry was in a jewelry box in her bedroom. She said staff have unsupervised access to the room.

She suspects the items were taken in the past week.

Phone thief takes off

Someone broke into T-Mobile, 3171 Fort St,, sometime before April 28 and stole three phones valued together at more than $1,000.

When officers arrived about 10:30 a.m. that day, they found the front window shattered and the door frame pried.

Video surveillance footage time stamped at 2 a.m. that day shows a black man wearing a blue hoodie and a varsity-style dark blue jacket throw a large stone at the window, shattering it. It then shows him entering the business and leaving through the window with the phones.

The stone was found near the store’s front counter.

The store has an alarm, but it was not working at the time.

Siding stolen from house
Aluminum siding was discovered ripped off a house in the 2300 block of First Street about 10 a.m. April 26.

The homeowner was provided with a report number.

(Compiled by James Mitchell, Bob Oliver and Andrea Poteet.)