Police Blotter

Allen Park
Equipment missing from work truck

More than $28,000 in survey equipment was stolen from a company-owned truck parked in the parking lot of Best Western hotel, 3000 Enterprise Drive, April 16.

The driver said he parked it there about 8 p.m. the night prior. About 6:30 a.m. the next day, he woke up and returned to the truck to find the rear driver-side window smashed out and the equipment missing.

Car on blocks during stay
A guest at Holiday Inn Express, 3600 Enterprise Drive, discovered all four tires missing from her Ford Escape about 11:30 a.m. March 17.

The car was on landscaping bricks from the hotel’s landscaping. It is unknown how long it had been parked there.

Window screen cut
A cut window screen in a house in the 15000 block of Angelique Avenue tipped the owner off to a possible attempted break-in about 2:30 a.m. April 18.

The woman awoke about that time to her dog barking in the kitchen. When she checked the kitchen, she found the window ajar and the screen cut and immediately called 911.

No suspects were found near the house.

Firearm reported missing

A firearm was forgotten and then stolen in the restroom of the McDonald’s restaurant at 7300 Wyoming on April 18 about 9:30 a.m.

The victim had placed the weapon on the paper dispenser upon entering the restroom and exited without it. He called the restaurant manager upon discovering that he had forgotten the firearm to report it. The manager could not find the weapon and called police.

The manager told police that an employee had entered the bathroom at 10:45 a.m. and discovered the firearm. That employee did not touch the firearm, but told management about it. When the manager went to retrieve the weapon they discovered that it was missing.

Surveillance footage showed that three individuals entered and exited the restroom after the employee. The third appeared to be a black male wearing dark, baggie clothing. He carried two white plastic bags into the restroom and exited about one minute later, leaving the restaurant also.

He exited out of the west doors of the restaurant and travelled on foot south on Wyoming.

Vehicle stolen from inn
A red 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty truck was stolen from the parking lot of the Red Roof Inn, 24130 Michigan Ave., sometime before 5:30 a.m. April 18.

The victim had parked the vehicle in front of his room around 9 p.m. on April 17 after returning from work. When we went outside the next morning to leave for work he discovered that it was missing.

A clerk for the hotel told police that she saw the vehicle being driven between 1 and 3 a.m. but that she couldn’t make out the driver. The vehicle traveled through the lot slowly before exiting toward Michigan Avenue.

The victim told police that he had the keys to the vehicle and that there was no broken glass on the ground where the truck had been parked. There were no security cameras in the parking lot or surrounding businesses that show the theft. Police also checked the worksite of the victim but could not find the vehicle.

In the bed of the vehicle were a tool box, fuel tank, and oxygen and acetylene tanks. There are also “Lowe Construction” decals on both rear doors and a yellow beacon on top of the cab.

Dearborn Heights
House broken into

A house in the 4900 block of Fleming was broken into between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. April 19.

The victim told police she left for work around 9 a.m. and returned at 3 p.m. to discover that her bedroom door had been kicked in. Upon searching the house it was discovered that two laptops, a video game system and games were missing.

Police found a pool ladder up against the house under a rear window. They believe that entrance into the house was made there. No visible fingerprints were found.

After the initial search the owner of the house was unsure if anything else was missing. No suspect information was available.

Vehicle stolen from residence
A red 2013 Ford Fusion was stolen from in front of a house in the 6800 block of Country Lane about 12:45 a.m. April 22. The victim had parked the vehicle in front of her house around 10:30 p.m. the night before.

The victim told police that the vehicle had been locked and that she had both sets of keys. Taken with the vehicle was her wallet, which included her driver’s license.

The victim did not see the theft. No information is known about the offenders.

Lincoln Park
Trailer thief held for police

Police are requesting warrants to charge a 25-year-old man with breaking-and-entering after witnesses said he had broken into a storage trailer at Royal Cement, 3372 Dix.

Police responded at 10 p.m. April 21 to the business, where two men had the 25-year-old suspect on the ground awaiting the officers.

One witness had seen the man walking first around and then into the trailer. The witness contacted the business owner, who arrived in time to see the man inside the trailer. The two men grabbed the suspect and waited for police to arrive.

The suspect’s car was parked nearby with a tail gate down, door ajar and keys in the ignition.

The owner did not report that anything was stolen from the trailer. When asked by investigators if he had entered the trailer in order to steal property, the suspect said, “Why else would I have went inside?”

Police expect the suspect to soon be charged in 25th District Court.

Truck, equipment stolen
A painter and handyman told police that someone stole his 1992 GMC Z-1500 pick-up truck valued at $2,500 along with more than $5,000 worth of compressors, sprayers and tools.

Police responded to the 2000 block of Richmond at 7 a.m. Tuesday, where a man said he’d parked his truck about 4 a.m. on the street and noticed it missing at 6 a.m.

The man said the truck was locked, he had all keys and the vehicle was fully paid for. Officers investigated, did not see signs of broken glass, and entered the vehicle’s description into the Law Enforcement Information Network.

Diaper thief sought

Officers are looking for a man who allegedly stole two packages of diapers from Rite Aid, 4016 Oakwood, about 3:30 p.m. April 20.

The clerk said she saw the man heading out with the diapers, which she knew he did not pay for. When she asked for his receipt, he flashed her a lottery ticket and left the store in a Ford Taurus.

The suspect is described as a white man in his 40s about 5 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 6 inches tall and wearing light-colored pants, a burgundy shirt and a black jacket.

Garage intruder arrested
A 26-year-old resident was arrested April 18 after allegedly attempting to break into a garage in the 17200 block of Wood Avenue.

About 2:30 a.m. that day officers responded to the house after the homeowner called to report his garage was just broken into and his neighbor was chasing the suspect.

The neighbor lost sight of the man, but officers later found him in the area. He told police he was walking because he had forgotten his wallet at a gas station and went to retrieve it. The neighbor later identified him as the man who broke into the garage.

No damage to the garage was found.

Son fingered in computer theft

The homeless 29-year-old son of a resident is accused of stealing her desktop computer during a short stay at her house in the 14000 block of Hamilton.

The son stayed at the house for about five days. After he’d left on the fifth day, his mother noticed her computer missing. She has no way to reach the man to ask if he had taken it.

Man mugged for cell phone

Police responded to a call shortly before midnight April 19, from a man who said he’d been assaulted and had his phone stolen.

The man told police he was walking from his home in the 8500 block of Pardee Road to the Valero gas station at the corner of Pardee and Wick. He passed two white men walking in the other direction.

Once he passed the two, the man told police he was knocked to the ground, punched and kicked, and hit with an unknown blunt object. While on the ground his iPhone 3 was taken from his pants pocket.

The men were described by witnesses as in their 20s, one was wearing a black shirt. Police are investigating.

Nurse injured in patient struggle

Police are investigating potential charges against an emergency room patient who tangled with and injured a nurse.

Police responded to Oakwood Southshore Hospital, 5450 Fort St., shortly after 9 p.m. Monday, and spoke to an emergency room nurse who said she was assaulted while assisting a patient.

The nurse and two witnesses said the woman was being treated in the emergency room for unspecified body pains. The woman became angry with the nurse when she wasn’t given requested medication, and attempted to leave with an intravenous tube still in her arm.

The nurse attempted to stop the patient long enough to remove the IV, and the patient swung at and struck the nurse with a cane. It was believed that she suffered a fracture during the incident. The patient then grabbed the nurse’s injured hand, squeezing and digging fingernails in to the injured area. The woman then left the hospital. Police are investigating.

Truck batteries taken

Eight truck batteries were discovered missing from trucks at Oscar’s Cement, 495 St. Johns, about 9 a.m. April 19.

There were no suspects or evidence.

Sweet vandal strikes
A vandal left a sweet sentiment on some outdoor furniture in the 200 block of St. Johns April 19.

A homeowner called about 8 p.m. that night to report that someone had spray painted “Love” on his patio furniture in silver paint.

He discovered the vandalism when he returned home from work that day.

(Compiled by James Mitchell, Bob Oliver and Andrea Poteet.)