Man faces torture charges in dog death

Sunday Times Newspapers

RIVERVIEW – A 29-year-old Riverview man faces charges of animal torture after allegedly killing his girlfriend’s dog after it bit him.

Jason Adam-Lee Hunt was arraigned April 16 in 27th District Court after an April 14 arrest. He faces a preliminary examination of the evidence against him 11 a.m. Thursday in 27th District Court.

Officers responded to the apartment Hunt shared with his girlfriend and their two young daughters in the 20000 block of Fort Street about 4 p.m. April 14 after the girlfriend and her daughters flagged down a patrol car on the corner of Sibley and Fort.

She told the officer that she and her children had run from the apartment after Hunt intentionally killed the Chihuahua by throwing it into a door after it bit him.

According to the report, when questioned, Hunt told police “I guess I threw him too hard against the door. I think I killed him.”

The dog was laying dead on a pet bed inside the apartment. There was no blood on the floor or door, but Hunt allegedly told police he had cleaned the area before they arrived.

The girlfriend said she was in her daughter’s room getting the girls ready to take them to a fast food restaurant, when she heard the dog yelp and Hunt yell.

The dog then ran into the girls’ bedroom and hid under a dresser before Hunt followed, allegedly grabbing the dog by the neck and strangling him.

According to the girlfriend’s statement, she and the girls yelled and told him to stop and he released the dog. The girlfriend, her children and the dog walked to the front door to leave while Hunt continued to complain that the dog “shouldn’t get away with” biting him.

She said Hunt then picked the dog up by the neck and threw it into the front door. The dog went into convulsions and then slumped motionless to the floor.