Koubeissi Tae Kwon Do School produces multiple state champions

Photo courtesy of Ali Koubeissi
Master Ali Koubeissi (third row center), owner of Koubeissi Tae Kwon Do School, is surrounded by his student medalists from the Michigan Tae Kwon Do State Championships. The medalists are Maya Hojeije (first row left), Mohamed Haidar, Hassan Berry, Ali Hammoud, Adam Osman, Hussein Ali Koubeissi, Youseph Hojeije, Noah Osman, Zeinab Baalbaki (second row left), Batoul Salmassi, Jana Dakroub, Ali Bazzi, Ali Mortada, Mostafa Al-Huchem, Jacob Ftouni, Ali Alhaj (third row left), and Master Hameed Dakroub.

DEARBORN — Eighteen students from Koubeissi Tae Kwon Do School, 14442 Michigan Ave., returned from the Michigan Tae Kwon Do State Championships in Okemos with 18 medals.

More than 270 people from across the country competed for a chance to advance to the Junior National or World Class Senior National Tae Kwon Do Championships in July in Chicago.

All 18 Koubeissi students — ranging in age from 7 to 23 — advanced to the nationals, winning eight gold medals, eight silver and two bronze.

Gold medals were won by Master Hameed Dakroub, Mostafa Al-Huchem, Jana Dakroub, Zeinab Baalbaki, Hussein Ali Koubeissi, Hassan Berry, Mohamed Haidar and Waleed Othman.

Silver medals went to Jacob Ftouni, Ali Mortada, Ali Bazzi, Batoul Salmassi, Noah Osman, Adam Osman, Ali Hammoud and Maya Hojeije.

Ali Alhaj and Youseph Hojeije captured bronze medals.

Koubeissi said the medal count was “a remarkable accomplishment … especially considering that each athlete was required to fight using the new Daedo TrueScore Olympic-style equipment, which presented a challenge by itself.

“Even though the pressure was on like never before, (the) students relished this opportunity. These athletes spent several months preparing for the state championships. Countless hours of mental and physical training were necessary in order for each competitor to fully prepare themselves to endure the challenges of competing at such a high level.”

He said all he asked of his students was to “go out there and compete with confidence, do their best, and leave nothing for them to regret.”

The Okemos tournament was the largest Tae Kwon Do championships ever in Michigan. The Koubeissi students ranged in age from 7 to 23.