Dearborn native grid star plays in Michigan vs. Ohio game

Photo courtesy of Hilsdale College
Former Dearborn High School star Anthony Mifsud played in the Ohio vs. Michigan College Football Senior Bowl Saturday. He is scheduled to graduate from Hillsdale College in June.

Anthony Mifsud, native of Dearborn, was part of the elite roster in the Ohio vs. Michigan College Football Senior Bowl Saturday at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Mifsud is a former star quarterback at Dearborn High School where he led the Pioneers deep into state playoffs. His college career was at Hillsdale College where he led the Chargers to a few winning seasons of Great Lakes Interscholastic Athletic Association action.

Dearborn High Head Coach David Mifsud is a proud father who has watched his son play the game of football at every possible amateur level.

The younger Mifsud has a strong throwing arm with accuracy and running ability to boot, making him a possible threat every time he touches the pigskin.