Kelly Thiebaud stars as “Britt” on “General Hospital”

Donna blamed Bill and Brooke for Katie’s hospitalization. Maya quickly realized that the film role she was up for wasn’t quite what it seemed. Caroline found herself in an awkward situation. Brooke begged Donna not to tell anyone about her fight with Katie. Taylor got angry after seeing Liam and Hope babysitting Will together. Bill set Taylor straight about his relationship with Brooke. Caroline and Dayzee decided to team up to get rid of Maya. Taylor tried to get Eric on her side when it came to Brooke. Victor asked Maya out on a date. Wait to See: Donna and Taylor don’t see eye to eye. Rick chooses a new face for the Hope for the Future campaign.

Daniel was reunited with his son. Sy mailed Victor a picture linking Kristen to the staged mugging. Jennifer went on a trip to visit her mother, Laura. Daniel figured out Chloe’s deception. Rafe was furious at Kate for trying to trick Gabi into signing custody papers. Jennifer decided to move to London to be near her son J.J. Abigail followed Cameron to Chicago, where he working a side job that could cost him his real job back home. Nicole found herself under Vargas’ spell. Daniel made an emotional plea to Chloe. EJ hinted at a marriage proposal in Sami’s future. Nick was shaken after running into Vargas at the pub. Wait to See: Daniel tricks Jennifer into coming home. Stefano offers to get rid of Sy.

The Nurses’ Ball was a big hit with Olivia’s “Bensonhurst Medium”act, Epiphany and The Revelations’ song and dance, and Molly and TJ’s performance. Meanwhile, Lucy fought with the choreographer, and Duke and Anna danced their iconic tango. Britt stormed the stage with shocking news for Patrick. AJ and Elizabeth shared a kiss. Scott was upset after Laura ran off with Luke. Olivia had a dark premonition. Dante found a body. Carly and Brenda got into an altercation in the Metrocourt lobby. Maxie and Mac reaffirmed their special bond. AJ was jealous of Elizabeth and Nikolas’s closeness. Wait to See: Patrick makes a promise to Sabrina. Sonny finds Connie at his door — or is it Kate?

Lauren was ready to come home to Michael and their family. Paul found evidence that could help free Leslie’s father. Chelsea received the sonogram from her doctor after a scare with her pregnancy. Nick proposed to Avery. Dylan informed Sharon that he was staying in Genoa City. Summer snuck into the mansion to see Kyle. Victor and Adam formed an alliance and decided to work together again. Jill accused Adriana of stealing a family heirloom. Wheeler was shocked to learn that he was being charged with murder. Leslie pleaded with Tyler to make peace with their father. Carmine texted Lauren telling her that he missed her. Wait to See: Lauren tries to spice up her marriage. The men of Genoa City engage in a high stakes game of poker.

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