Angell Conwell stars as “Leslie” on “The Young and The Restless”)

Taylor tried to discourage a hopeful Brooke by saying that the revival of Brooke’s Bedroom line would fail. Thomas warned Rick that his days as president of Forrester were numbered. Donna was suspicious of Brooke and Bill’s friendship. Caroline went to extreme measures to recapture Rick’s affections. Dayzee warned Maya that Rick was trouble. Bill and Brooke talked a little too openly to each other during their champagne celebration. Hope was heartbroken after finding a sketch of Steffy’s wedding dress. Rick defended his mother’s intentions toward Bill. Katie found Brooke and Bill in a compromising position. Wait to See: Maya becomes a constant presence in Dayzee’s life. Eric’s dinner party has an unfortunate outcome.

Kristen was hopeful that John still had feelings for her. Jennifer was confused after Chloe denied having slept with Daniel. Cameron received a mysterious phone call, the details of which he kept from Abigail. After an argument with John, Brady asked Kristen to marry him. Jennifer went alone to the Horton Cabin after another fight with Daniel. Nick’s old cellmate Vargas met Gabi and realized her connection to Nick. Later, Nicole found herself attracted to Vargas, not realizing that he was an ex-con. Chloe was furious to find Daniel and Jennifer sharing a passionate reunion at the cabin. Gabi was perplexed as to why Will suddenly would give up his parental rights. Wait to See: Nick opens up to Gabi about his time in prison. Kate slaps Rafe.

Michael obtained the secret formula to Lila’s relish. Sam and McBain nervously talked about the next step in their relationship. Todd was certain that Carly would come back to him. Scott urged Laura to marry him — quickly. Maxie had a dream about her baby just as Spinelli arrived and woke her up. Olivia had a premonition and told Patrick to go home. Anna and Felicia talked about how they still found themselves attracted to their former flames, Duke and Frisco. Epiphany got proof that Britt set up Sabrina. Elizabeth made AJ perform with her at the Nurse’s Ball. Dante asked Olivia to use her psychic powers to find Lulu. Wait to See: Laura’s life is threatened. Carly confides in Bobbie.

Adam realized there was a witness who saw him dumping the body of the congressman’s daughter in the alley. Chloe encouraged Chelsea to find someone else to pass off as the father of her baby. Leslie had an emotional visit with her father in prison. Ashley relayed her concern to Jack about getting involved with Phyllis again. Nikki and Victor were wed in front of family and friends. Faith reminded Dylan of a little girl he met in Afghanistan. Sharon encouraged Dylan to stay in town instead of running away from his feelings for Avery. Carmine slipped Lauren his room key. Wait to See: Tyler and Leslie wait nervously for their father’s verdict. Tragedy strikes the wedding reception.

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