Kin Shriner stars as “Scott” on “General Hospital”

Rick continued to allow Maya to believe that he was a struggling waiter instead of a rich CEO. Caroline was determined to win back Rick’s affections. Feeling more comfortable with Rick, Maya told him the story of her daughter. Much to Marcus’s amusement, Carter already had his eye on several ladies in L.A. Eric received mixed responses from his employees after announcing that Taylor was moving in with him. Thomas took advantage of Rick’s frequent absences in order to get his ideas implemented at work. Katie confided in Donna about the state of her marriage. Rick apologized to Maya after she found out who he really was — a Forrester. Wait to See: Rick and Thomas’s rivalry intensifies. Katie has reason to worry.

Rafe caught Sami and Will sorting through files inside the police evidence room. John pretended to be more accepting of Brady and Kristen’s relationship. Will tried to tell Gabi about how Nick was blackmailing him. Kate feared that Stefano would find out that she slept with Rafe. Stefano was thrilled that Chad was willing to be part of the family again. Brady suspected that John still had feelings for Kristen. Sami wasn’t sure she could live under the same roof as Kristen. Nick and Gabi were married. Nick’s old cellmate, Vargas, was on the hunt for him in Salem. Wait to See: Cameron receives a mysterious phone call. Vargas sets his sights on Gabi.

Lulu’s heart melted after seeing a sonogram of her surrogate’s baby. Meanwhile, Maxie was torn apart by the fact that she was really giving up Spinelli’s baby. Molly was embarrassed after fans of her book focused too much on the racy parts that Connie secretly wrote. Lucy surprised everyone with a check covering the remaining cost of the Nurse’s Ball. Elizabeth confronted AJ about his kiss with Carly. Sam warned Todd to beware of what karma had in store for him. Scott caught Laura looking at old pictures of Luke. Olivia continued to worry about Steve’s whereabouts. Alexis arrived with some bad news for Rafe. Scott worried that Laura believed he mailed the Ice Princess statue to Lulu. Wait to See: Kevin is jealous of Lucy and Scott’s friendship. Jackie Zeman returns as Bobbie.

Victor planned a series of events to try to persuade Nikki to marry him sooner rather than later. Nick threatened Congressman Wheeler after Avery’s apartment had been ransacked. Chelsea decided to keep her pregnancy a secret from Adam after finding him with Sharon. Jack pressed Phyllis for her true feelings for him. Michael asked Lauren to go to marriage counseling. Cane decided to stop working with Chelsea for Lily’s sake. Alex was surprised to learn that Abby and Carmine were once an item. Chelsea warned Anita not to tell Adam about the pregnancy. Dylan considered leaving Genoa City. Wait to See: Ashley has some choice words for Phyllis. Adam crashes Victor and Nikki’s reception.

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