Armed student taken from school

Sunday Times Newspapers

TAYLOR — Police and school officials said that a transfer student who brought a BB pistol to John F. Kennedy High School Monday was taken into custody that day, and has been indefinitely suspended and will likely be expelled.

A statement from Supt. Diane Allen confirmed that early Monday morning Kennedy High School Principal Michael Wiltse was told by a student that a 15-year-old recent transfer student had a weapon.

Administrators and security personnel immediately took the student to the office, discovered the pistol, and contacted police. There were no indications that the student had pointed at or fired the weapon at anyone.

“The student is indefinitely suspended pending an expulsion hearing,” school officials confirmed.

The student was in custody less than an hour after the gun was reportedly seen, and staff followed guidelines to quickly secure the situation. The suspended student reportedly had told classmates the previous week of his plans to bring a gun to school.

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