Blake Berris stars as “Nick” on “Days of Our Lives.”

Steffy issued Liam an ultimatum after returning home from her trip. Hope was shocked by Thomas’s cold demeanor. Taylor sought comfort in Eric’s arms after her big blow-up with Brooke. Liam asked Steffy to move out so that he could be objective in deciding between her and Hope. Taylor urged Steffy to tell Liam about her pregnancy. Rick was disappointed when Eric named Thomas as the company’s new vice president. Dayzee shared more details with Marcus about her past on Skid Row. Brooke questioned Eric’s motives in promoting Thomas. Wait to See: Eric visits Taylor on Valentine’s Day. Marcus tries to stall Maya from questioning Dayzee.

Nick had a flashback to a violent incident in prison. Brady laughed at Kristen when she approached the subject of marriage. EJ and Sami made love. Cameron and Abigail looked forward to a new beginning. Sami urged Will to get a paternity test. Gabi found out that Nick was stabbed while serving his sentence. Kristen accused Nicole of still harboring feelings for Eric. Nick sent Lucas an ominous text message about Will. Jennifer asked Nicole for advice on how to thwart Chloe. Parker developed a high fever while Daniel was out of town. Nick recorded an incriminating conversation between Lucas and Will. Kristen kept pushing Brady to elope. Wait to See: Rafe meets a woman at a bar. Brady explains why he won’t marry Kristen.

John was arrested for the murder of Rafe’s mother. Heather came up with a plan for Todd and Lucy to escape Ferncliff. Maxie offered to help Britt seduce Patrick if she kept her secret about the pregnancy. Olivia misinterpreted her vision and accused Sabrina of having a thing for Steve. Shawn correctly surmised that Sonny had feelings for Connie. Molly snuck into the jail to visit Rafe. Kevin was knocked unconscious while trying to prevent Lucy from escaping. Todd asked Carly to go on the run with him. Andre helped Rafe escape from his cell. Duke had another idea on how to save ELQ after his initial plan failed. Wait to See: Laura Spencer returns to Port Charles. Mac prepares to fight for Felicia.

Tyler told Leslie not to worry about Congressman Wheeler recognizing her. Avery was stunned to run into Dylan, who was working as a bartender for Nick. Cane was a big advocate of Chelsea’s designs at Jabot. Tyler asked Lily how she and Cane got together. Lauren and Michael argued over Jamie’s accusations against their son. Avery told Nick that her old flame was alive. Adam placed Chelsea’s photo in a drawer after spending time working alongside Sharon. Nikki asked Victor to postpone their wedding until the ranch house was rebuilt. Jack asked Neil to be his addiction sponsor. Jack felt a spark with Phyllis after he tested out a new perfume on her. Wait to See: Abby comes home. Cane goes to bat for Chelsea.

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