Soap Updates



Hope moved in on Liam while Steffy was out of town. Bill was conflicted by his feelings for both Katie and Brooke. Pam and Donna didn’t trust Taylor’s motives when it came to Eric. Rick made a point to ruffle Thomas’s feathers at work. Dayzee got nervous when Maya and Marcus almost crossed paths. Brooke was offended when Hope asked her what really happened between her and Bill. Thomas contemplated taking a job in Paris at Forrester International. Pam made it known to Eric that she was interested in him romantically. Steffy continued to keep her pregnancy a secret. Marcus introduced his adoptive brother, Carter, to the rest of his family. Wait to See: Steffy issues Liam an ultimatum. Dayzee comes clean about her past.


Nicole vowed to save Brady from Kristen’s clutches. Daniel saw that Chloe was using Parker to get closer to him. Hope urged Jennifer to fight for her man. Nicole transferred some incriminating files onto Kristen’s computer. Billie severed ties with her mother and quit the company. Nick discovered the circumstances in which Lucas went to jail for Will. Hope didn’t want to talk with Rafe about Bo’s extended absence. Kristen’s faked feelings for Brady became more and more real to her. Chloe interrupted Daniel and Jennifer’s romantic plans with a frantic phone call. Rafe warned Sami to stay away from his sister. Wait to See: Nick secretly plots against Will. Jennifer is caught in a lie.


AJ confronted Tracy about using mob money to finance ELQ. An Amber alert was issued after Emma went missing. Kristina was arrested after threatening Connie with a bat. Todd took a page from Connie and blamed his past crimes on dissociative personality disorder. Lucy’s estranged husband, Kevin, arrived in Port Charles and found her to be delusional. Britt blamed Sabrina for her part in Emma’s disappearance. John received a mysterious phone call after someone confused him with Caleb the vampire. AJ and Elizabeth continued to bond over the stressors in their lives. Starr was surprised by the illegal dealings at ELQ. Wait to See: Heather might have the solution to Todd and Lucy’s problems. Tracy is arrested by the feds.


Chelsea asked Adam not to contest their divorce. Billy worried that Jack was taking on too much work so soon after his recovery. Leslie and Tyler were nervous that Congressman Wheeler would recognize them. Michael and Lauren argued over whether their son was guilty. Nikki and Jack bonded over their history of addiction. Adam tried to reach out to Victor as his son, but things ended up ugly as usual. Tucker shared a heartfelt goodbye with Katherine as he left Genoa City. Nikki told Victor they needed to postpone their wedding. Unbeknownst to Avery, Dylan got himself hired at Nick’s new club. Billy was impressed with Chelsea’s designs. Wait to See: Avery sees her “dead” ex. Jill and Katherine clash.

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