Commissioner Webb appointed to chair Youth Services committee

Diane Webb

    HEIGHTS — Wayne County Commissioner Diane Webb (D-District 8) was appointed by Commission Chairman Gary Woronchak to serve as the new chairwoman of the commission’s Committee on Youth Services. Webb previously served as chairwoman of the Committee on Public Safety, Judiciary and Homeland Security

“I am pleased and honored Chairman Woronchak has appointed me to chair this important committee which oversees so many crucial programs dealing with the county’s youth,” Webb said.

As a former member of the Health and Human Services Committee and the former chairwoman of the Public Safety Committee, Webb has an understanding of the needs and issues that face children and their families from early education through their teenage years.

“There are many critical issues that need to be addressed to ensure that all children are safe, have the opportunity to be successful at home and at school, and mature into healthy and responsible adults,” Webb said. “This committee, under my leadership, will do everything in its power to provide the necessary programs and services needed to assist children and families in need.”

The Committee on Youth Services considers issues dealing with the Wayne County Head Start Program, Youth Assistance Programs, Preventative Action Services, the Juvenile Detention Center and Substance Abuse and Mental Health services provided by qualified agencies through the Wayne County Department of Children and Family Services.

Webb also was selected to serve as vice chairwoman of the Special Committee on Senior Citizens & Veterans Affairs because of her demonstrated commitment to seniors and veterans, along with her continued membership on the Audit and Government Operations committees.