City declines manager reappointment


Sunday Times Newspapers

LINCOLN PARK — After less than a full year of duty, City Manager Gregory Capote was denied reappointment last week. City council scheduled a special meeting tomorrow to discuss the position and replacement.

Mayor Patricia Diaz Krause said the administrative post might not be replaced.

“We don’t have to fill the city manager job,” Diaz Krause said. “But we need a strong person in that position that can handle day-to-day operations and have a deep grasp of finances.”

Capote served with the Wayne County economic development office before being hired in June 2012; the position had been vacant since Steve Duchane resigned in October 2011.

The decision was among many made by — and still facing– city council. Last week’s agenda included several administrative appointments, some of which included salary reductions for Diaz Krause, city council members and others. In recent weeks several special meetings have reviewed a pending deficit of up to $3 million that must be addressed by June.

Diaz Krause said that replacing Capote might not be resolved with a single administrative position.

“We’re going to meet Monday to talk about the next steps,” Diaz Krause said. “It could be a full-time or [several] part-time jobs, several people to fill the position.”