Teresa Castillo stars as “Sabrina” on “General Hospital”

Thomas and Rick competed for CEO by showing off their new designs on the runway. Hope had a newfound confidence when it came to getting Liam back. Steffy learned some vital information that would forever change her and Liam’s relationship. After much consideration, Eric made a decision about who would be the new CEO. Taylor contemplated revealing Steffy’s secret. Brooke warned Hope not to get too excited over Liam. Eric was ready to move on without Stephanie. Katie was suspicious of Bill’s overly generous gift. Liam struggled to choose between the two women he loved. Wait to See: Dayzee’s past catches up with her. Taylor confronts Eric over his decision.

Chad interrupted the wedding and told everyone that Nick was not the father of Gabi’s baby. After a fight broke out between Chad and Rafe, Will stepped forward and claimed responsibility as the baby daddy. Marlena wore a wire while confronting Kristen. Sami flocked to EJ after she argued with Rafe about his sister’s choices. Nick overheard some incriminating information about Will’s past. Chloe was jealous of Jennifer. Kristen didn’t fall for Marlena’s trap. Jennifer took the high road and didn’t tell Daniel that Chloe used to be a prostitute. Brady appeared to be suffering the effects of his head injury. John left town to put some space between him and Marlena. Wait to See: Chad confides in EJ about his troubles. Sami gives Adrienne a piece of her mind.

Sonny was furious to see Connie kissing AJ. Sam realized she must accept Jason’s death and move on. Monica was furious to learn that Lucy was moving into the mansion. Sabrina assumed the worst when she saw Britt flirting with Patrick. AJ delivered a drunken Carly to Todd’s hotel room. Anna had a hard time thinking of Duke without picturing Faison. Todd surprised everyone with his plea before the judge. Epiphany scolded Sabrina for planning the Nurse’s Ball without her knowledge. Lulu feared the worst when she didn’t hear from Luke. Wait to See: TJ begs Connie to return Molly’s book to her. Anna and Sonny discuss their romantic woes.

Devon turned down Tucker’s offer to work for him. Adriana tried to distract Noah with a kiss after he yelled at her. Tyler offered to handle promotions for Nick’s new club. Phyllis took Jack to the cabin to nurse him through his narcotics withdrawal. Sarge reminded Mason how much he owed Jack. Billy was impressed by Sharon’s business acumen. Fen was furious when a judge allowed his parents to foster Jamie. Leslie feared that someone would discover her connection to Tyler. Lily created a sexy scavenger hunt for Cane. Victor met up with Mason to see what dirt he had dug up on Jack. Nick told Phyllis that their divorce was final. Wait to See: Christine antagonizes Phyllis. Michael wonders if his son is guilty.

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