Eric Martsolf stars as “Brady” on “Days of Our Lives”

Bill was blindsided by wild accusations regarding his drinking. Marcus confronted Justin about what really went down in Italy with Bill and Deacon. Hope was stunned to learn how many people knew the truth about Bill’s deceptions. Liam caught Steffy up on Caroline’s fall, Rick’s lie and what happened at the hospital. Bill agreed to stop trying to control Liam’s personal life as long as he didn’t cut him out of it. As Rick apologized to Hope about his lie, she assured him that she would not let him, or anyone else, come between her and Liam ever again. Donna hinted to Pam that she wanted to be there for Eric. Wait to See: Brooke gives Katie marital advice. Pam attempts to comfort Eric.

Brady finally said the words that Kristen had been waiting to hear. A guilt-ridden Marlena admitted to John that she’d known about Brady and Kristen’s affair for quite some time. She tried to explain why she kept quiet, but a furious John checked into a hotel. Kayla and Caroline received shocking news. Daniel was thrown when Chloe showed up on his doorstep. Rafe let Sami know that he wanted to be with her once Gabi’s wedding ceremony was over. Sami tried to let EJ down easy. Sonny surprised Will with a key to his apartment. Gabi asked Will to be her baby’s godfather. Chloe insisted that Kate would never see Parker again. Wait to See: Chloe and Nicole fight over Daniel. John needs time to figure things out.

Carly confronted Todd about the baby switch. AJ got Michael’s support in his bid to have Tracy removed as CEO. Elizabeth told AJ about how Monica wanted her to befriend him. Sabrina felt embarrassed about what happened between her and Patrick on New Year’s Eve. John told Sam that Faison admitted to shooting Jason. Britt surprised Patrick in the shower. Sonny defended Connie’s motherly feelings for Trey. Olivia had a hallucination involving Connie. Carly, upset over Todd, entered the bar where AJ was about to drink. John visited Todd in jail to gloat. Wait to See: Lulu fears the worst about Luke. Maxie makes an outlandish request.

Adam assured Chelsea that they would leave town once he got the right people in place at Newman Enterprises. Billy told Victoria that he accepted Jack’s offer to work at the company. Nick searched online for information on Dylan McAvoy. When Avery found Nick with Dylan’s dog tags, she admitted that Dylan was the man with whom she had an affair. Noah realized that he forgot it was Cassie’s birthday as Nick and Sharon arrived to visit. When Alex confronted Adriana, she denied taking the drug money. Adriana pleaded with Noah to help her. Phyllis encouraged Jack to forget about business and focus on his recovery. Wait to See: Victor bargains with Billy. Things heat up between Noah and Adriana.

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